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Design week review - Uni project.

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Design Week Review

Design week is a weekly publication dedicated to the contemporary arts and latest innovations in the world of art and design. The magazine is primarily aimed at professional designers, students, large and small business’ and design agencies. You can see the attraction that the targeted audiences have to the magazine due to the extensive directory located at the back of the publication. It contains the names and details of companies and established business’ that will be used regularly by designers of all levels. This ranges from photographic retouching to transatlantic typesetting; for all your specialist needs! It gives it an edge over its competitors.

Being an innovative and contemporary magazine, this extends to the website which is constantly updated and full of links which make it good for business networking and a chance for students looking to get a foot in the door of the design world. The aesthetics reflect the confident and contemporary tone with a mixture of innovative post-modern layout and clear and concise modernist layouts. It is a brilliant way for designers to keep up to date in the design world. It’s also very useful for students looking to get an understanding of their peers in a competitive environment.

One article in particular caught our eye in this weeks Private View section which was ‘From pencil to stencil’ by Jim Davies.
The article we chose to review is about the rise of the street artist Banksy and his influence on the world over. The article is very informative and offers a very positive look at his work. It lists a few of his more famous pieces as well as his latest book Wall and piece. It also went on to compare him to other modern day brands such as Levis, Apple, Microsoft, Puma, Nike and Peroni which are all very relevant in today’s society and have a big influence in today’s world. The article flowed nicely into different topics and was enjoyable and interesting from start to finish.

The magazine as a whole is perfect for graphic designers and illustrators of all levels. From students to seasoned professionals. You will find an array of articles that range from world affairs to upcoming talents in the design industry and the latest technological innovations to hit the design world. The directory is very comprehensive and offers a huge range of companies to help with your designer based needs. All in all this publication is a good well rounded example of what graphic designers and illustrators need to get there hands on regularly to keep up with current trends.

By Alex Morris and Tamsyn Gill.

Rating 7/10
5th Oct 2009, 23:55