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Wild thing, I think I love you

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How odd is it that you expose yourself most by covering yourself up completely in your favorite disguise?

Thank God that every once in a while you get that mental holiday, that little Hallowe'en of the soul, that lets you put on your YOU suit and walk around stark naked in public with the worst repercussion being getting recognized by a kindred spirit.

*ring* *ring*

*click* Hello?

Are you alone? What are you wearing now, sweetheart? What are you covering up? What are you exposing? What are you doing with your hands?

I wish I could see.


I wish I could see.


Posted by Laszlo Q. V. St-J. Xalieri

14th Oct 2009, 04:11   | tags:


Viv says:

so true

25th Oct 2009, 07:03

Thank you. :)

This piece seemed to me to be one of my weaker ones, but it plays with some ideas that are constantly intriguing to me: identity and how we dress to display or conceal it. The accompanying image could just as easily have been someone getting ready to go out clubbing, and nearly was, but then I found this leftover image of someone at DragonCon, which suggested a much, much better title. The other image would have been all kinds of trite....


25th Oct 2009, 14:25

Dhamaka NLI says:

I like the echo.. but it's far too like some of my real life experiences for me to read it as fiction

25th Oct 2009, 16:54

Something for everybody. :)

Yeah, it's hard to call something fiction that happens at least a couple times per week for almost everybody. I was working hard to stretch it into a mere mataphor...

Kind of like the Dilbert cartoons that aren't funny because they're too true. :/


25th Oct 2009, 17:06