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hello new schoolday, goodbye sweet yesterday

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So most likely what we do is or promise ourselfs tomorrow is going to be better basing our daily life thingy on what happend a day, a month or even longer before. Or we don't care about a single thing that happend yesterday in the past. That is what we call "living for the day of today". But, I wonderd, with both of them do we do any good. If we act like the second we might become reckless en careless, which I think we should not always be. I'm now speaking of extreme situations, but still, we might dump a friend which we had fun with yesterday: because they do something wrong towards you today. But is that worth it? Shouldn't we be thankful? Then you have the other side which is all sorted out, worried about the past AND the future. Most likely not focusing on today. Not realising that today, which we call the present is what we called a future filled with changes yesterday. Yesterday my friend and I were a bit tipsy, so we decided to go to this concert at which we had a really nice time. When I was there I saw my ex and I heard of a friend if his he found hisself secretly wanting me back. But 1 our later he was only focused on this other girl. If I look at him, I'm thankful of what happend last week and yesterday but I doubt him today. I do not know how I should look up to him, and I wonder what should I do. Should I live just for today, or base my life on both the future and past, not on the thing we call present.. What do you do?


Viv says:

This is why I am glad I am no longer young and really more in the position of making the best of my decisions rather than having to change them :)
Be honest with the people who are important, communicate well and have empathy and you won't go too far wrong.

28th Oct 2009, 09:33