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People always seem to rely on time, unless we find ourselves begging for a change and just going with the flow. This might happen twice or three times a week, all the other days we're one with the clock we live on it, let it decide our lives. How many times a day do we look at a clock to see what time it is? Time to go home, time to go to work, a meeting or an appointment. We worry about being late or wish that our working day is over. I think that people look at the tick tocking clock at least 10 times a day.. I might sound crazy, but what in our lives actually isn't decided in hours? What in this live are we being controlled by? The list now already counts 2: 1. The people surrounding us - 2. Time - and is there anything, or is there a solution, of how to change this? Or do we, humans, want to be in control of something
17th Oct 2009, 12:13   | tags:


Viv says:

Time is like nature's law written down so the large communities that we live in can manage without chaos
In a small community only the position of the sun would rule what you did. Dark - rest, noon too hot - shade food etc
we need to know when the bus will come :)

28th Oct 2009, 09:37