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bye bye and hello

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So last week I went to disneyland with my family, not only with my pwn family including my grandma, but also my uncle (from the same grandma her side). At the moment my cousin suffers from a disease which in dutch we call "a plastische anemie" it's close to "leukemie" which is a form of cancer. Bye bye hello. Why this title? At the moment we say either bye bye or hello we always think I'm going to remember this. (Now we have to think of bye bye and hello as sentences and connected words, maybe even actions) so we figure we'll never forget it. But then 4 months later something happens that is similair, now you have to think really hard. Ooh that's right, you'll probs think, I've been through this before. Everything leaves, returns and appears as easy as bye bye and hello doesn't it? Why not take pictures of everything or write in a diary, or even better, a blog. Isn't this also a way of dissapointing ourselfs by forgetting, I see it's human, but we also forget things that were important. Is there a remedy?
23rd Oct 2009, 23:11   | tags:


Viv says:

you are thinking in a blog
at a similar age I used to think in letters to my boyfriend - wish we'd kept them
all your experiences help make us and influence future reaction

28th Oct 2009, 09:43