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people that are sweeter then candy

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Heey, I'm not talking about the people that flirt with you..
Anyways, the people that are sweeter then candy could be; family, best friend, distant friends, olf or new lovers, school/work buddies or normal friends which you don't actually have anything to do with, you just hang out with them some times. Alot of these people, are sweeter then candy. Or differently said, they're candy to your heart and mind. You don't notice, since you just hang out with them and if you haven't spoken each other for a while, there'll be a sudden conversation most likely also about the fact that you miss each other. These are the people that make you feel good, the people that would say hoo! When you do something wrong, but don't walk away but help you figure it out. The people that open up to you or the people you always can relax with. These are the people, we're most likely thankful to, which we think of that we need them, to keep on going, this is what I call the people that are sweeter then candy. But what is it, to everybody these sugary persons are different. To some people your "sweet candy like person" might be a bitch. It's pretty weird isn't? We don't realise, that every person which walks around here is somebody that is a sugary person for somebody els, we don't notice we don't open up to them and actually you could also call it "we rehect them". Should we, understand that we reject those people? Should we see that these people are important to somebody els. The person who is going to stand next to you and ignore you or look at you with those arrogant eyes, I think it's necessairy we look at them and know that they're kind to somebody els. Because, then when you look at somebody you can think; I don't know you, you're looking at me like I'm weird, but I know you can be nice. This doesn't mean that you have to like somebody or make you go talk to them, but you won't look at people so badly as you did before. I think you'll feel better, since you learn how to not judge people by their looks. My sweeter then candy person of today is a friend of mine, he wrote me this
Sampai hati ku mattie.. E>, it's indonesian, and if you're not to lazy you should look it up. Mattie is my name by the way, nice to meet you!
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