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I make things on the web, mobile and in the actual world.

I've done lots of bits and bobs over the years, and right now I'm mostly working on this.

I enjoy speaking about things I like, most recently this. You can email me if you'd like, and I'm on twitter.

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Helena christenson launch party.

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This should be fun, if filled with supermodels equals good.
1st Sep 2005, 19:51   | tags:,

seaneeboy says:

Because he's ALFIE (tm)

He's nearly famous, you know. *Nods sagely*

1st Sep 2005, 20:31

alexis says:

ah, supermodels. I guess that'd explain it!

2nd Sep 2005, 02:21

Groovicron says:

Launching Helena Christenson? Into space?

2nd Sep 2005, 08:39

I would pay to see that! hope it was fun alfie!

2nd Sep 2005, 08:42

kostika says:

Who's Helena Christenson?

2nd Sep 2005, 09:06
2nd Sep 2005, 09:10

and a lovely, tasty one at that! see. ,lovely

2nd Sep 2005, 09:11

kostika says:


Why would a model need a launch party? Are they sending her into space? Or is it like a coming out part for debutaunts?

2nd Sep 2005, 09:25

errr.. to launch.. er.. stuff. like hamsters on little rockets!! and ..err.... stuff!!

2nd Sep 2005, 09:29

kostika says:

You haven't a clue have you?

2nd Sep 2005, 09:30

err.. not really no!!!

2nd Sep 2005, 09:39

Joe says:

you can have all the supermodels Alfie...I like my girls with curves :D

2nd Sep 2005, 09:41

mmmm helena bohen carter (or spelt very similar....mmmm!!!!

2nd Sep 2005, 09:42

alfie says:

Helen Boner Carter :)

Was the fun, had the booze, snogged the supermodels.

It was a photographic exhibition, Helena C is a pretty damn good photographer as it goes.

2nd Sep 2005, 12:29

kostika says:

No pictures fromon the inside though?

2nd Sep 2005, 12:31

alfie says:

I did get a couple, but I was a bit busy snogging some german model.

2nd Sep 2005, 12:40

Joe says:

prove it bitch!

2nd Sep 2005, 12:42

kostika says:

oh....I see....well then.

2nd Sep 2005, 12:42

alfie says:

hehehe. I got nothing to prove buddy ;)

2nd Sep 2005, 12:44

Steve says:

and you turned down Alexis and I for that! ....ok fair choice

2nd Sep 2005, 12:55

kostika says:

I just want to see pictures of them so I can feel better about myself. :o)

2nd Sep 2005, 13:05

seaneeboy says:

No need to be rude Hazz :)

2nd Sep 2005, 13:05

seaneeboy says:

No biggie - just don't want ya to blow your chances without even meeting them ;)

2nd Sep 2005, 13:08

seaneeboy says:

Hehe - you said blower.

2nd Sep 2005, 13:11

Steve says:

nope Blower is still funny whatever your intension

2nd Sep 2005, 13:18

alfie says:

haha! and Steve, mate - I was moving home till 7:30, I thought Alexis was going back last night so my only chance to see you gays was in the afternoon?

2nd Sep 2005, 13:34

Steve says:

us "gays" ? :)

It's ok

2nd Sep 2005, 13:46

alexis says:

aflie, I emailed/ texted/ about seeing you wednesday and or thursday.
(I couldn't really show up to help you move without an address/email response/etc. I tried though. the force just wasn't with me, I guess. : D

3rd Sep 2005, 07:55