See you later...We'll go dancing till the sunrise ;-)">

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A craft moment:
Thing....* *Could we see when and where we are to meet again, we would be more tender when we bid our friends goodbye.* Marie Louise De La Ramee

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See you later...We'll go dancing till the sunrise ;-)
3rd Nov 2009, 09:31   | tags:


SLG says:

I'm here !!! :-)

3rd Nov 2009, 12:21

Twiglet says:

We're all here for you gorgeous!

*Group hug...

3rd Nov 2009, 13:11

Craft says:

SLG: There you are!


3rd Nov 2009, 17:36

540air says:

Look at you lot, group hugs a go go :)

3rd Nov 2009, 18:06

shitake says:

So ..for sure now I'm here and look at your beautiful photo ;)

3rd Nov 2009, 18:21

Craft says:

Thank you shitake, would you and 540 like to join our hug?

3rd Nov 2009, 19:47

shitake says:

Sure : ) GO TO <a href=BPIMPED.COM" src="" border="0">

3rd Nov 2009, 20:20

Craft says:

Awwww, thank you sweetheart. I need a hug tonight x

3rd Nov 2009, 20:24

shitake says:

My pleasure :) And this is more .. GO TO <a href=BPIMPED.COM" src="" border="0">

3rd Nov 2009, 20:51

Craft says:

Jesus N, you're squeezing me to death.... MORE!

3rd Nov 2009, 21:14

SLG says:

I'm still here ;)

3rd Nov 2009, 21:20

Craft says:

Jump in SLG, get Paul too, the more the merrier <3

3rd Nov 2009, 21:23

shitake says:

Lol Ok. no more!

3rd Nov 2009, 21:27

CandyMan says:

Room for one more?

3rd Nov 2009, 21:44

540air says:

Ah go on then, I'm here too :)

3rd Nov 2009, 22:52

Craft says:

Right! Now we're all here, group sex anyone? : D

And CMan, there will always be a space only you can fill..... x

4th Nov 2009, 08:17

Craft says:

That got rid of you all didn't it???

4th Nov 2009, 19:36

The Boyf says:

I'm still here Big Guy....... x

4th Nov 2009, 19:40

540air says:

I've not gone anywhere, only to work and back :P

4th Nov 2009, 20:13

shitake says:

The same me ;)

4th Nov 2009, 20:14

Craft says:

Back in business then...! Let's dooooo it!

4th Nov 2009, 20:37

540air says:

hahaha you better ask the boss first ;)

4th Nov 2009, 20:47

shitake says:


4th Nov 2009, 21:11