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The Caption competition is no longer a competition...

but the blog is still here and you are welcome to post just for fun,

so if you have a picture that might stimulate a humorous remark, then please post and see if it attracts comments...

To post a picture you need to join the group, (a good idea anyway as the group can then be accessed from your dashboard) then post to ... caption(at)moblog(dot)net

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And the winners are...

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The votes are finally in. They have been checked and verified and we can
reveal the winners are...

1st - Billion with "Delivery for Mrs Jones? It's the billion amp fuse you ordered." (Photo by Mysteritmo)

2nd - Wendle with "Stephen Fry just replied to my tweet!" (Photo by Dhamaka)

3rd - JokerXL with "Taxi? Yes, the teleporter missed again, I'll need you to pick me up, to the Strand,yes." (Photo by Nige)

Congratulations to you all, we will be in touch shortly to arrange prizes as appropriate.

A big thank you for all your entries, voting and feedback.

Posted by rhys

19th Nov 2009, 18:59   | tags:

beth says:

Woo congrats all!

19th Nov 2009, 19:11

Wendle says:

Wow. And Woo! Thank you!

19th Nov 2009, 19:18

rhys says:

I may have forgot to say in my email but could you also let us know your preferred t-shirt size. Thanks.

19th Nov 2009, 19:22

Wendle says:

Haha, i just replied asking about that! :)

19th Nov 2009, 19:23

billion says:

it's a fix! it's a fix! it's a fix! it's a fi...

oh, did I win something?

great competition rhys, here's hoping there'll be lots more fun and japes to come on moblog :)

19th Nov 2009, 19:43

Viv says:

think those who took part enjoyed it :)
well done you people

19th Nov 2009, 19:54

Dhamaka says:

Going back now and looking at all the captions and their photos again I'm laughed

19th Nov 2009, 19:55

billion says:

just for the record, my favourite caption was jxl's "THIS! WEEK! I! WILL! BE! MAINLY! WEARING! . . ." (pic 19)

that one had me laughing for quite a while...

19th Nov 2009, 20:12

nige says:

A very worthy winner I think. Couldn't stop laughing at billion's caption.

19th Nov 2009, 20:46

JXLatOCA says:

Just went through all the posts here, had me in stitches again.
Such a great project, Moblog's collective sense of humour is awesome!
Well done all!

20th Nov 2009, 18:15

taniwha says:

well done you lot.

20th Nov 2009, 20:22

jc1000000 says:

I missed this- the photos with the caption on look wicked!

23rd Nov 2009, 10:51

rhys says:

That was Viv's idea and work. All credit to her :)

23rd Nov 2009, 18:21

Thanks for the Chuckles :)

Must say I think Beths was a cracker on the metal tubing from the link that brought me here !

23rd Nov 2009, 20:40

Viv says:

yes was very close and must admit my favourite :)
so look forward to seeing some input from you :)

23rd Nov 2009, 20:48

Viv says:

We have 22 members at the moment looking for a great improvement on that!

23rd Nov 2009, 22:04