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Let the season begin

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Richard said it best with this post earlier today:

JUMP club is back.
19th Nov 2009, 21:37   | tags:

Wendle says:

Oh dear, how long is jump season? My legs are going to hate me...

[edit] Nice hat! [/edit]

19th Nov 2009, 21:45

nige says:

Until everyone gets on it and jumps ; ) You've had some practice already so you should be great, Wendle!

19th Nov 2009, 21:46

Twiglet says:

Oh bloody hell nige. It's a bit early this year ain't it?

19th Nov 2009, 21:53

nige says:

Last one was 2007 Twiglet! I thought every other year would give folk a chance to rest dem bones.

19th Nov 2009, 22:02

bethmadethis says:


19th Nov 2009, 22:03

nige says:

Hahaha! Glad you like it b ; )

19th Nov 2009, 22:03

Viv says:

that's amazing am impressed with your room too!

19th Nov 2009, 23:20

bethmadethis says:

I'm just plain jealous.

19th Nov 2009, 23:42

Caine says:

Ab Fab, Nige!

20th Nov 2009, 01:08

silar31 says:

No jump for me this time. The fibromyalgia is really, really bad just now and if I mess it up and fall it will ruin me for a month or better. I'll be cheering everyone else on though!

And yeah, that is a great jump and a great hat! :)

20th Nov 2009, 03:00

paintist says:

nice photo...great flat, incredible jump! But this time I am going to decline......hurt myself last time, so this time I will sit back and enjoy watching everyone else :-)

20th Nov 2009, 07:15

nige says:

The apartment is a bit messy so it's not at it's best by any means. Surprised that you guys like it!

Hehe, so we have a few who are ducking out early already, huh? Well, perhaps it's worth finding another way to participate. I'm not averse to seeing pictures of jumping frogs, fleas and jelly beans...or anything else that can get some temporary air for that matter. Expanding the jump club universe is good and none of us want mobloggers to hurt themselves.

20th Nov 2009, 12:23

Wendle says:

That's messy? Seriously, you're joking, right? :P

20th Nov 2009, 12:29

Essitam says:

WOOP! - TBK is having a sleep over for his birthday this year - you know what were going to be doing!!

20th Nov 2009, 12:37

nige says:

I know, I sound like an idiot saying that, right? I'm the messiest person I know, so in order to keep things tidy, I sold and got rid of as many of my possessions as I could. I figured the less I owned, the less stuff I'd have to leave around. I found it so liberating that I just kept on doing it, and now I deliberate over buying ANYTHING. This is what the front room looks like when it's messy ; )

20th Nov 2009, 12:39

nige says:

Essitam, INDEED!

20th Nov 2009, 12:40

paintist says:

silly don't know messy! hahaha

you live on the ground floor right, no neighbours under you.....?!!

I can join in now there is no physical danger involved....will start looking :-)

20th Nov 2009, 14:33

bethmadethis says:

Yeah, I'll the second the 'you don't know messy' statement. MAN, I don't think my flat could ever look this neat.

21st Nov 2009, 01:14

silar31 says:

Maybe I'll try to get a shot of Bandit jumping...even at 13 he can still jump higher than any dachshund ought to be capable of on those wee legs. :) I'll have to give it some thought.

21st Nov 2009, 06:19

Factotum says:

"In the meantime, the current state-of-the-science message about exercise and bone building may be that, silly as it sounds, the best exercise is to simply jump up and down, for as long as the downstairs neighbor will tolerate. “Jumping is great, if your bones are strong enough to begin with,” Dr. Barry says. “You probably don’t need to do a lot either.” (If you have any history of fractures or a family history of osteoporosis, check with a physician before jumping.) In studies in Japan, having mice jump up and land 40 times during a week increased their bone density significantly after 24 weeks, a gain they maintained by hopping up and down only about 20 or 30 times each week after that.

If hopping seems an undignified exercise regimen, bear in mind that it has one additional benefit: It tends to aid in balance, which may be as important as bone strength in keeping fractures at bay. Most of the time, Dr. Barry says, “fragile bones don’t matter, from a clinical standpoint, if you don’t fall down.”

from an article in the New York Times:

21st Nov 2009, 12:51

minkey says:

Were you stuck on the ceiling ;). Jum season... will have to convince Hari to a "big" excuse to decline (she jumps a lot but is very camera shy...) Have fun

21st Nov 2009, 15:20

harimanjaro says:

Be very afraid.

21st Nov 2009, 23:35

seaneeboy says:

Yaaaay! Glad it's back!

23rd Nov 2009, 10:08

Spiderbaby says:

Jumping. In hats!

24th Nov 2009, 04:04

Rick says:

Jumped twice today. Lot of fun. Love the feathers on your hat.

27th Nov 2009, 03:31

Kostika says:

Just how many shots did it take to get that single great shot?

11th Dec 2009, 20:17

FilbertFox says:

Well no jumping for me - I may trip over my walking stick!

19th Dec 2009, 11:34