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The Story of Bottled Water

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taniwha says:

I'd love to have a window like that at home.

20th Nov 2009, 07:48

Caine says:

Beautiful stained glass, that's seriously gorgeous. What's being restored (I know it's a church) and why?

20th Nov 2009, 10:10

Viv says:

fabulous glass - and the paintwork is so special - beautiful

I think your blog could act as a database for special places to visit in the uk!

20th Nov 2009, 12:26

hildegard says:

The wall paintings have been restored. Why? Because they could. As a tourist resource for the UK though, this one's out by several country miles, being as it's in France...

20th Nov 2009, 12:31

Factotum says:

It's wonderful to see something get lovingly restored for a change.

20th Nov 2009, 12:37

Viv says:

ah well - you have blogged alot of interesting places in the uk:)

and of course elsewhere.... :)

20th Nov 2009, 16:07

Jane Doe says:

Top one's lovely

20th Nov 2009, 16:08

bethmadethis says:

Nicely restored - that really is some lovely paintwork, the colours are very pleasing.

21st Nov 2009, 01:17

crickson says:

Wow - they look like seriously uncomfortable pews.

21st Nov 2009, 03:53

minkey says:

Very modern stained glasse work. I'm quite surprise that a small church was left opened. Doesn't happen very often unfortunately. And now wondering where in France "je donne ma langue au chat"...

21st Nov 2009, 15:14

hildegard says:

True Crickson, & not so much as a hassock to cushion the faithful.

It is normally locked. Prior arrangements were made to pick up the key & leave it at the Mairie after our visit.

21st Nov 2009, 20:59