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To make my blog look better I am adding photo's of my cat --!
I have rosacea, and just in case someone else has it and reads this blog, I am adding bits of information I am finding
Someone else is keeping a dairy and says this helps ---they say:-
I was able to identify exactly what my rosacea triggers were. Speaking to other sufferers I found that one persons trigger may not be another persons. For instance alcohol has no effect on me at all (other than the obvious!) but my friend has terrible problems. Also, I found that if I just can’t do without something that is one of my rosacea triggers (chocolate!!!) then taking an anti-histamine before indulging helps reduce the severity.
Back to me --luckily mine is quite mild at the moment, --I had not heard that some sufferers take anti histamine.
20th Nov 2009, 11:22   | tags:,


bethmadethis says:

hehe. what a well behaved cat!

20th Nov 2009, 12:17

Viv says:

pretty too
hope the blog helps

20th Nov 2009, 13:50

taniwha says:

well done cat and welcome to Moblog.

20th Nov 2009, 13:55

Rosacea says:

Thanks everyone for your comments -- I've been looking at other blogs again, it is really enjoyable

20th Nov 2009, 19:56

Rosacea says:

Hi, I am putting this in comments as some people may find this rosacea blog on the internet, and I hope to have put my experiences and any interesting information I find into this blog.
At the same time, mo bloggers will not want to be bored by me going on all the time about my red face and its treatment. I kept hearing about IPL and so have been trying to find out more. I think the pulses of light heat the blood inside the red blood vessels near the surface of skin and then it has something to do with coagulation (clotting?). It gets very technical, and there are lots of 'papers', studies done by PhD students and similar.
An example is technical stuff and I have put a few paragraphs below. If you want to read more, click on the link.
It says:- haemoglobin has absorption peaks around 560nm and again at around 590nm wavelengths, and drops strongly after that. This implies that using IPL cutoff filters over 590/595 is not useful for targetting blood vessels.
Temperatures higher than 70C in the centre of the blood vessel are needed for proper coagulation. Any higher and the vessel may vapourise (bruise), any lower and coagulation will not occur.
Physical properties of smaller vessels, such as those responsible for causing the erythema in rosacea, make them MUCH harder to succesfully heat to coagulation temperatures than larger vessels.
So if I do have any IPL treatment, I want to know if the doctor or nurse really knows what they are doing. There is another paper on the same blog which says how the clinics encourage worse photo's of the patient before treatment, and better photos with different lighting after the treatment. So I will try not to be fooled by this one.
I am making a list of IPL clinics in England and Wales which do free consultations and I will be googling each day and trying to add them to the list. The first one I have found is rosacea treatment – free consultation
I might have mentioned this elsewhere, because I have arranged to visit them. I just need to find some more. I was only going to go to the one clinic until I read how technical it is, heating the blood, the size of the blood vessels, the wavefilter cut off blah, boring blah, blah --yawn

25th Jan 2010, 20:14