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be pure - dear younger sister.

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So I have a younger sister, to be exact she's 6 years younger, and I love her so much. But you have to know one thing about me and my past, my parents weren't always that careful and I didn't always dare to say anything or speak up my mind. Knowing that I would be punished, or at least scared of being punished. And haven said that, those few times that I did say something bad, I'd be punished immideatly.. You might understand i still have a little bit of a trauma of that. I also have a little brother, which is only 2 years younger. Now, my parents aren't really being hard on my sister, and to me it feels kind of mean. I understand, my parents have improved, loads, but for me to see how she's being treated, it hurts me. I wonder what it's like to be the younger sister, I understand that being teased by your big brother and sister (actually I do not do it that often, maybe once a month as a joke) would be really hurting, but it seems like she doesn't understand any thing about my situation either. she's young, very young, but she's understanding. I talked about it with her. And she actually told me I was not the problem, it was my brother and his friends. But then still, what is that connection, that click between the younger and older sister/brother that makes it so hard to not be able to understand each other. Because most likely, it's that the older child feels like it's been treated badly in addition to the younger child, and the younger child has to protect herself from the older never being able to talk to them.. if there are any parents on here reading this, then please tell me if there's a solution for this and how to understand this. to me it's very hard sometimes. To hear and see her do/say things which I never had the chance to because my parents did not allow me too, when she does something wrong, my parents tell her, you should try again, it'll be better next time, while they told me: you already did so much, maybe you should just stop. It's hard. but it's like this. Still I understand that always being read the law by both your brother and sister can be very hurting..


nige says:

Lovely photograph.

26th Nov 2009, 15:28

mara says:

Great portrait

26th Nov 2009, 15:45