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I am married to Spiderbaby and live in Banbury, Oxfordshire after eight years living in the USA and Sweden. I am working and training as a clinical scientist for the NHS in Oxford.

There are now over ten years of photographs on my blog! It all started with a photograph I took on the 1st of May 2004... It's been a wonderful journey, thank you all who have shared it with me, and made this blogging community one I keep coming back to!

Interesting things I read recently:

"Only one in five people born [in the UK] since 1975 believes in God".
Source: Prof David Voas, University of Essex

"For every dollar invested in the Human Genome project, $141 was returned to the US economy". Francis Collins, NIH
Source: New Scientist 27 July 2013.

I am Pavlovs_dog on PSN and would be happy to link up with Playstation-owning mobloggers : )

Too Much Information: The first album I ever bought was the Fraggle Rock soundtrack. Pretty cool, eh? I was only 16 : )

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My Michigan pt 2

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A. It's the kind of thing that happens here...

B. I also spent a lot of time in this thing. The magic tape sealing up the crack is completely capable of protecting me from the poisonous fumes. Safety first.

C. Until quite recently the head of the biology dept. was a creationist.

D. Nowhere does dive bars like Michigan.

E. Kenken - the grad student I work with is quite a fan.
30th Nov 2009, 17:57   | tags:,

Spiderbaby says:

C. Until he stopped being head of department?

B. Thank goodness for Magic tape... *shudders

30th Nov 2009, 18:00

crickson says:

Yup, Dr Adler is no longer the head. Didn't meet the new guy.

30th Nov 2009, 18:03

Dhamaka says:


30th Nov 2009, 20:39

hildegard says:

B - have you spoken to a lawyer about that thing? I really would were I you. You may or may not have survived unscathed but what about the next researcher/ student?

"C. Until quite recently the head of the biology dept. was a creationist. "
Jaw drops & bounces repeatedly off the desk. How can an actual enemy of mentation get any sort of academic post?*

(Edit) *Unless it's at Warwick, of course.

30th Nov 2009, 20:47

crickson says:

Hildegard> B. Nah, it's fine. I actually rather appreciate the cavalier attitude to safety displayed in US universities. I can't stand the 'safety first' mafia. Science should come first.

C. It's sadly common to come across creationists (see my sidebar for further details), and having one as the head of dept isn't unknown. Ask Spiderbaby about her old dept head in Leeds...

30th Nov 2009, 21:44

BelovedSpaceman says:

The mind boggles. It might explain a lot about how America appears to the rest of the world.

When you say creationist, are we talking 6000yr old earth, or some kind of old earth?

30th Nov 2009, 21:57

crickson says:

I didn't like to pry, mostly because I didn't want to cause trouble for my MI-based colleagues. He basically believes that God made all the species and they are immutable - at least as far as I understand it. A not-uncommon viewpoint.

30th Nov 2009, 22:02

Anonymous says:

To which one can only reply -

"'Reckless and incompetent expounders of Holy Scripture bring untold trouble and sorrow on their wiser brethren when they are caught in one of their mischievous false opinions and are taken to task by those who are not bound by the authority of our sacred books' "
"De Genesi ad Litteram" - St Augustine of Hippo.

I'm not being picky with that quote - Augustine was absolutely having a go at chaps like Adler. I know it oughtn't to but it really does depress me that these loons simply will not do their reading...

1st Dec 2009, 01:04

hildegard says:

You knew that was me, right?

1st Dec 2009, 01:05

crickson says:

Oh yes. It's a good quote, I'll try to do it justice next time I'm in a debate with one of them.

1st Dec 2009, 03:31

Viv says:

I'm sure that one of these at least could be posted in the caption competition

1st Dec 2009, 20:37

FilbertFox says:

safety first you say? At Leeds we are in the year of the Risk Assessment.

My favourite one was one prepared for general office work.

One risk listed was 'pregnancy' and those at risk 'most women under 50' but there was nothing listed in the 'prevention' column.

20th Dec 2009, 15:30