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Unnecessary Noise

by wombat527

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I have a tendency to notice things that most people wouldn't think to look twice at. I'm like a child that way. A thirty-year old child with a fancy toy, but still... The cameraphone makes it easier to share them with others, but doesn't necessarily make it clear why I thought it deserved to *be* shared...

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...and it still makes no sense.

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I asked for help from my prof with a physics problem. The neat stuff at the
top in mine, the garbage that makes no fucking sense is hers, and is
completely incomprehensible to me. This is why I am not understanding
physics - because he lectures look like this, only on a whiteboard...
3rd Dec 2009, 22:56  


I see some stuff about kinetic energy and gravitic attraction. Maybe. And something that looks like dealing with what happens when you work with squares & square roots and fractions (1/2 squared is 1/4) to try to simplify something or other, but I can't put all the pieces together....


3rd Dec 2009, 23:07

wombat527 says:

Laz- It's a problem of escaoe velocity and kinetic energy. My problem is that I don't get how to put the values together in an equation to get the answer I want, and when I ask her it all sounds the same. "You've got this, and so this is equal to that. You just put that and that together and solve it." But it's all letter gibberish and it all looks the same and nothing makes any goddamn sense.

3rd Dec 2009, 23:20

Ah. A system of equations. One of the equations is algebraically manipulated to solve for one of the variables -- say, M -- and then whatever it is the M equals is substituted into the other equation in the place of M. Then you solve for the other variable (V, probably) to get your velocity in terms of what's left.

Can't say that doesn't sound as bad as the gibberish that was written, but that's what was supposed to be done, in principle...


4th Dec 2009, 06:36

wombat527 says:

No, I get that. I mean, we've been doing the same thing all semester with other equations. What she has failed to make clear through her disorganized presentation of the material is what equations are what, what is equal to what, and how to set up the equations so that we can solve for V and find the answer. Her lectures are uniformly mind-boggling, not only due to the topis itself, but also her presentation of the subject matter.

4th Dec 2009, 12:23

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