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Join us in the countdown to Christmas. Sorry no chocolate!
But we can give you a new post each day, from 25 different 'mobloggers', who will give us their perspective on the season.

Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a splendid New Year.

May 2015 be a good year for our small community and the wider world!

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December 9: Greetings from the North West Pacific, USA

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This is Mt. Shuksan behind (a frozen) Picture Lake, one of the most photographed scenery up here in Washington State in the US.

In my travels I have visited this lake several times and have seen it in different seasons - it does not disappoint! Mt. Shuksan has several glaciers and it stands near Mt. Baker, the world's record holder of snow (140 ft!), so it is beautiful to see this snow-capped mountain on a clear summer's day, or framed with a combo of evergreens and bright red-orange trees during fall.

I recently moved up here from California, now I know what "seasons" means.

To all my moblog friends and to visitors to this page, SEASON'S GREETINGS from Washington State!


sidenote: 99% of the time I post from my iphone - but the camera doesn't work (yet?) after surviving 5 mins in the washer! But he's on his way to recovery.

Posted by jetsetterjulius

Twiglet says:

How beautiful! Same to you Julius x

9th Dec 2009, 17:14

Jane Doe says:

Great shot - I've a friend lives in Enumclaw, I loved visiting Washington state.

Season's Greetings : )

9th Dec 2009, 17:26

Viv says:

that is gorgeous - season's greetings to you too

sorry i wasn't around when you mailed me

and it seems we've lost our header!

9th Dec 2009, 18:15

shitake says:

Wow,wonderful shot! And this is from me :) GO TO <a href=BPIMPED.COM" src="" border="0">

9th Dec 2009, 22:54

Earthlad says:

Simply breathtaking, seasons greetings

9th Dec 2009, 23:52

Aww, I got a card from shitake!

Thanks to all of you guys ~ it feels good to be part of this, and I feel we've made this world a smaller, somewhat personal place through our posts.

9th Dec 2009, 23:55

Viv says:

yes I think that's true - didn't realise until this morning that you were 8 hours behind us :)

10th Dec 2009, 00:16

shitake says:


10th Dec 2009, 00:27

queserasara says:

Wonderful image -

10th Dec 2009, 08:05

Sprocket says:

stunning photo
wrap up warm

10th Dec 2009, 23:28

Caine says:

Stunning shot, Julius.

16th Dec 2009, 09:37