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How Does Homeopathy Work?

The Story of Bottled Water

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Viv says:

like it

10th Dec 2009, 23:15

Factotum says:

A lovely series this...

11th Dec 2009, 05:48

hildegard says:

Blue & white isn't really my idea of christmas cheer - to chilly - but these did look nice against the dusk. :)

11th Dec 2009, 12:09

cariadus says:

Love the blue lights against the blue sky.

How come blue has ended up being a predominant colour at Christmas, though? I was driving along the other day and assumed that the blue flashing light ahead of me was yet another house decoration. Turned out to be an ambulance!

11th Dec 2009, 18:26

hildegard says:

Heh, not best foot forward. Blue fairly lights always put me in mind of suburban hairdressing salons. Not at all out of place there, you're going for glam more than festive - Santa's festive but you hope not to emerge from the hairdressers looking like that - & they work well in daylight, unlike golds & reds.

When they're hung in the streets at night though, they fight with the sodium lights & give an even colder feel to the winter nights.

In the face of this excessive municipal hankering for "cool" cities, no wonder the Germans are so successful with their transplanted xmas markets. Very big on cosiness, the Germans, even the word "Gemütlichkeit" seems somehow cuddly & comforting; like sitting by by a log fire, drinking mulled wine whilst wearing one's favourite jumper...

11th Dec 2009, 21:18

Lyzardly says:

Around here blue and white lights are generally hung on Jewish homes to celebrate Chanukah, but I have noticed the blue seeping into the Christmas trees, etc.

16th Dec 2009, 03:38

hildegard says:

Haven't noticed that blue is big in our Jewish residential areas. Menorah- based decorations, candles generally, & the twinkly sort of fairy lights that suggest candles are still what I'm more used to seeing. If it's the fashion in the US though, it will probably come here too - we are very much your apprentices in the ways of house bling. ;)

16th Dec 2009, 14:12