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December 11th - chez le chocolatier

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crickson says:


11th Dec 2009, 23:17

hildegard says:

The staff must fight over who gets to clean the equipment at the end of the day...

11th Dec 2009, 23:33

Earthlad says:

He looks awfully suspicious about something ;)

12th Dec 2009, 02:27

hildegard says:

Thought furtive, rather than suspicious. Sneaking off after leaving the presents type of thing...

12th Dec 2009, 21:19

Earthlad says:

Oh of course, you know on my phone he looks like he's 3ft tall.

13th Dec 2009, 10:28

bethmadethis says:

Hehe, I love the idea of the staff fighting over cleaning the equipment :) I think it needs to be illustrated.

13th Dec 2009, 11:47

hildegard says:

3 ft of handmade-chocolate. Blimey.
(There now follows a pause of some duration, to allow reflection on this image.)


Cleaning would be after the blinds come down, Beth. Just as well, for decorum's sake, I'm sure.

13th Dec 2009, 12:54