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"I expect to pass through life but once. If therefore, there can be any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do to any fellow being, let me do it now, and not defer or neglect it, as I shall not pass this way again." William Penn

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couldn't come with a witty caption to this photo of my arm.

apparently the plate attached to the broken radius is doing a great job, unfortunately my wound isn't healing up too well, so I'm stuck with these gruesome clips for at least another week
21st Jan 2010, 14:25  

harimanjaro says:

It looks like they've installed a zip! I hope it heals properly soon. Can't be very pleasant waling around with an arm full of staples.

21st Jan 2010, 14:44

Sprocket says:

it looks rather gruesome, but on the plus side . . . erm, actually I don't think there is a plus side

I guess I could scare kids and steal their candy??

21st Jan 2010, 14:54

mara says:

OMG Poor Sprocket!!

21st Jan 2010, 14:58

Puddlepuff says:

Lokks frikking nice though!

21st Jan 2010, 15:22

Essitam says:

Poor you!!

21st Jan 2010, 15:45

Viv says:

that is horrendous - the plus side is the plate is doing it's job - if it wasn't....

21st Jan 2010, 15:51

Sprocket says:

the plus side is that I'll have an awesome scar . . . and a suitably awesome (totally fabricated) tale to tell about how I got it

21st Jan 2010, 15:56

Viv says:

ah men!

21st Jan 2010, 15:58

Puddlepuff says:

Did you try to attach a fridge magnet yet?

21st Jan 2010, 16:05

Sprocket says:

it's on the "to-do" list

21st Jan 2010, 16:20

kel says:

ow! the staples are a bit horrifying... hope you recover soon. on the bright side, you've got something to scare small children with.

21st Jan 2010, 16:43

Wendle says:


21st Jan 2010, 18:23

rhys says:


21st Jan 2010, 19:01

GiD says:

Eek. Oh dear that's made me feel a little faint.

21st Jan 2010, 20:32

Sprocket says:

thanks for the link George . . . I think I may now just go and lose my lunch

21st Jan 2010, 22:19

Dhamaka says:

this looks really horrible

21st Jan 2010, 22:45

silar31 says:

Actually, for a stapled incision, it looks really good, not much inflammation, nice clean edges and staple holes. This from a survivor of a 10 inch abdominal incision that was stapled back together and didn't heal cleanly. Now that it's getting air it may heal faster Sprocket, I hope so.

22nd Jan 2010, 00:26

paintist says:

omg, omg, omg......your poor arm !
Your injury must have been really bad, aren't we lucky that we can have ourselves fixed and that soon you will be as good as new..... those times when you want to swap 'whose got the worst scar' tales, well you will win xx

22nd Jan 2010, 10:33

Puddikat says:

That looks really awful and painful. So what large thing will you have gotten in a fight with when you fabricate your story? Sending healing vibes by the way.

22nd Jan 2010, 19:17

MaggieD says:

OMG, I hope what Silar says is the case, and it heals rapidly, lots of love and healing vibes from me ...

22nd Jan 2010, 19:33

holy cow! that looks likes some serious staple work.... heres hoping you heal fast and good!

24th Jan 2010, 00:13

Caine says:

FrankenSprocket! Urgh indeed. Hope it all heals up proper and fast, fast, fast.

25th Jan 2010, 01:40

alicat9 says:

Actually, this wound looks fabulous - if you saw me at work with this i would be a happy nurse.
* wishes i could've taken the staples out for you*

9th Mar 2010, 23:17

Sprocket says:

ALi - sick! sick! sick!

*squeezie hugs

10th Mar 2010, 05:57

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