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am i allowed to blog this?

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maybe not, but i like how this photo shows the honesty of youth culture in todays society.


harimanjaro says:

Most people probably wouldn't condone what's going on there but in terms of documentary photography I can't see anything wrong here. In fact it's a pretty good portrayal of one of the darker sides of life. The one thing I'd worry about is how identifiable the subjects are. They might be enjoying themselves there, but will they feel the same if someone finds this picture in five or ten years time?

(Writing that made me feel so old.)

23rd Jan 2010, 08:52

Rich says:

Cocaine is a cunt's drug. I wouldn't know about the honesty in "today's" youth culture, all I can see is middle class teenagers with too much money. This is something you'll look back on in a few years time with and air of "jesus, I was a silly little eejit" but that is pretty much the point of growing up.

23rd Jan 2010, 10:11

kellythomas says:

haha rich you are so off course it's unreal. 1. cocaine may be a cunts drug, so it's a good job that's not cocaine 2. you're the cunt for judging as quick as u did. middle class teenagers? far from it. the one on the right is on the dole. the one on the left is also jobless but trying hard to get a job. middle class is not apparent around the area i live, jus down to earth, working class people, so, next time before you start spouting ur mouth off i suggest you think long and hard about what you're saying before you say it and look. like. a. fooooooool.

23rd Jan 2010, 11:28

Viv says:

Hope that is the only regret the users will have in a few years time.

It is a good journalistic picture but Rhys(sorry Hari - edit) has a good point - I'd trim the right hand side making the face unrecognisable.

23rd Jan 2010, 11:28

kellythomas says:

ur probably right rhys / viv, i'll do some editing see what i can do with it to make it a bit more discreet

23rd Jan 2010, 11:37

harimanjaro says:

Not sure how I got mistaken for Rhys, but never mind.

Out of interest, what are they doing if it's not cocaine? I'm really quite ignorant about today's drugs of choice.

23rd Jan 2010, 16:02

Could be meth. I was never one for putting stuff up my nose and one powder pretty much looks like another, but meth is a lot more accessible to the too-poor-for-coke crowd.

I'm not about to go off on drugs=bad (the ones I typically use just don't happen to be illegal at the moment), but it's saddest for people for whom it's their only hobby, and sadder still when it ceases to satisfy.

The picture is awesome.


23rd Jan 2010, 16:57

Craft says:

Drug use is a common enough pass time, not just in today's youth culture. However, if anyone at any time had posted a picture like this of me I would be extremely angry. So instead of the very snippy and defensive statement which starts *If you don't like the truth....* I'd rather see that person's face cropped out or assurances that she had given her consent for the image to be posted.

So far the image has been viewed 84 times...

23rd Jan 2010, 20:38

rhys says:

Nope. Definitely haven't commented on this post before now :P

Interesting discussion though.

23rd Jan 2010, 20:46

MaggieD says:

If the subjects are happy with it then I say keep it up there (but would crop it if you are not sure) ... I don't think it is promoting drug use (especially in conjunction with the next post) but as a bit of documentary photographry I agree with Hari

23rd Jan 2010, 22:20

Viv says:

sorry it was me in my old age confusion - Hari made the point :)
but I do agree with Craft about cropping if you don't have her permission

24th Jan 2010, 00:59

Viv says:

that is true - but that was about road safety rather than just the rules

24th Jan 2010, 14:59