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Thanks to Rich who has said why cats have 'green eye' due to a camera flash, whilst we have 'red eye'.
I remember puzzle books with spot the difference, and when I looked at some more photo's of my cat (I take them for fun to see if I can get a really funny one - by accident) and thought it had been on a setting to take 4 pictures at once, as she had her tongue out (at me or the camera?), I was using views medium icons on vista - but then when I opened them -- they were all different.
Finally apologies for me not replying to comments -- I set up a new e.mail because I was getting too much spam - to show they are different, look at the piece of paper next to the keyboard, and whether it is next to a white bit of fur or a black bit of fur.)
23rd Jan 2010, 10:43   | tags:


Viv says:

comment on here Rose - make friends - it's how it works :)

that tongue is funny

23rd Jan 2010, 11:12

Rosacea says:

Thanks Viv, I will go to your site as well. I'm may visit Rich's site, he seems to know a lot about all sorts, and ask him if he thinks the following true as I am going to have it, but it is a bit expensive.

Because the primary underlying cause of facial redness in rosacea is from surface capillaries, pulsed light treatments provide a very effective treatment to settle rosacea.

How do Intense pulsed light treatments get rid of Rosacea
The basis of pulsed light treatments is that it delivers a pulse of light that is attracted to chromophores (colour attracting elements) in the skin. The blood in dilated capillaries is a chromophore. When the light hits the chromophore it turn to heat and destroys the dilated surface vessels causing the redness.
Does Intense Pulsed light treatment work in everyone with Rosacea?
Pulsed light treatments are not effective in every one with rosacea but work in the vast majority. In one study on rosacea sufferers, 174 out of 188 patients achieved 75%- 100% clearances in 1 to 4 treatments. That is fairly good odds.

23rd Jan 2010, 16:54

Viv says:

sounds hopeful

if you want directing to a friendly scientist I'd suggest spiderbaby

but there are a lot of people who are rather knowledgeable :)

24th Jan 2010, 00:25