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Toshiba Lemons!!!

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If you have had problems with Toshiba please post comments here. They do not care about customer satisfaction. My 1yr laptop warranty wa up on Feb. 4th, 2010. Out of 12 months,I have only been able to use my laptop a little over 3 months, other than that it has CONSTANTLY been shipped out to repaired. The 1st week of purchased it was replaced in store, the 2nd one has been repaired 4times. Whether, it was the motherboard, LCD screen, software problems, OS problems; You name it my laptop has gone through it. I have asked fora a new laptop, but was always told only if tech support deems it unrepairible. They kept this going until the last week of my warranty, then they had me ship my laptop to Nexicore for repairs. I've had it back for less than 2weeks & it is now down once again. Nexicore will be repairing it again for me ( Great Company by the way ), but as for Toshiba: They told me to contact Customer Relations back if my laptop broke down after Nexicore repairs. I did call them today and all I got was sorry there is nothing I can do. You would have to pay a fee for a product not under warranty to be repaired or purchase an extended warranty. I told them that this isn't right! i have had nothing, problems since the purchase of this laptop. That its not right for me to spend $800++ for something that won't work. If it was a cellular company they would have replaced it w/a refurbished phone. If the problems pursist then they would give you another new one and or swap you out into a similar cell or something within that products price range. Clearly Toshiba does not care about making this right. I will NEVER buy another Toshiba product AGAIN!!!

I wonder how many others share my same dalema.


Mila (What I found out) says:

Toshiba Satellite Shutdown
Toshiba Satellite A70, A75, M30X, and M35X notebook computers have an alleged defect that causes the computer to lock up and reboot when touched, which renders the computer essentially useless.

Green Welling has filed a class action lawsuit against Toshiba America Information Systems on behalf of all persons and entities who have owned an A70, A75, M30X, and/or M35X Toshiba notebook computer during the last four years, and a subclass of all such persons or entities who purchased an extended warranty from Toshiba with regard to the specified notebook computers.

According to the lawsuit, consumers’ notebook computers generate static electricity that causes the computers to lock up and reboot when touched causing loss of time and data and damage to other hardware components.

The complaint alleges that Toshiba concealed the defective nature of these notebooks from consumers. Toshiba issued a Support Bulletin on its website, where Defendant's "fix" for the defective computers is advising owners of the A70,A75, M30X, and M35X computers to ship their notebooks to a Toshiba Notebook Depot, or a Toshiba Authorized Service Provider for testing. Repairs performed by Defendant have failed to provide a permanent fix to the defect, however.

The complaint alleges that Toshiba: (1) is in violation of the California Consumer Legal Remedies Act; (2) Toshiba is in violation of California’s Unfair Competition Law; and (3) Toshiba is in breach of the express warranty for the notebook computers. The plaintiff seeks an injunction and other equitable relief as well as damages arising out of the defective notebook computer.

The plaintiff is also sending a letter to Toshiba requesting that Toshiba provide a remedy to the persons and/or entities that have been damaged by Toshiba’s conduct.

If you have experienced this problem with your Toshiba notebook computer, or would like more information about the lawsuit, please contact us at 415-477-6700 or e-mail us at

27th Feb 2010, 01:47