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How Does Homeopathy Work?

The Story of Bottled Water

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swamprose says:

It's OSCAR, the daredevil crazy heights guy. what gammy knee?

15th Mar 2010, 00:33

hildegard says:

A sudden, unexplained limp a couple of years ago turned out to be a nasty rupture in his cruciate ligament. Poor chap, for him the first few months of '08 were just one ailment after another.

The joint's stable now but it'll never be as good as when he was issued with it & if he's going to insist on clambering about like this, he's going to have to be a lot more co-operative about his diet. He needs to be at most 7.4kg when it comes round to vaccination time or the vet will tell me off again. He was 8.4kg last time. The shame of it.

Not fair at all that I get told off, it's not me going round to other cats' houses & nicking their food for him, nor begging meaty treats from the neighbours...

15th Mar 2010, 01:16

swamprose says:

oh that's so good. oscar the foodie and you get blamed. hate it, but hell, lol.

15th Mar 2010, 01:21

Jane Doe says:

Love the perspective of that top shot

15th Mar 2010, 07:51

crickson says:

Great shots - he looks like the lord of all he surveys...

15th Mar 2010, 10:37

hildegard says:

I think he he's trying to work out some sort of ambush plan for the bird feeders. He really can't seem to grasp that as long as he's up there, the birds' sense of security is not a false one.

15th Mar 2010, 17:31

Twiglet says:

He glows!

15th Mar 2010, 17:46

hildegard says:

Sunset or colour burn tool, it'll be one or t'other. ;)

15th Mar 2010, 22:56

bethmadethis says:

not again! I think you need to install a cat flap.

15th Mar 2010, 23:56

Viv says:

He's some character!

16th Mar 2010, 01:56

hildegard says:

He's a 24-karat loon. I should never have lifted him in through the window when he was a kitten. Made a rod for my own back...

16th Mar 2010, 13:17

Wendle says:

Hee, these are awesome.
Sigh; i want a ginger cat!

22nd Mar 2010, 16:40