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taroma says:

More staff going to landfills-sickening

15th Mar 2010, 17:37

hildegard says:

Indeed, sending staff to landfill would be sickening. However, what do you propose happens to an analogue television without an analogue signal or a SCART socket? The point of the post is that these televisions are going neither to landfill nor being dismantled for recycling(as was the original aim of the WEE directive) but have been fly-tipped on a quiet city sidestreet for the sake of some little chiseller's profit margins.

15th Mar 2010, 17:59

rhys says:


15th Mar 2010, 18:00

Viv says:

very sad

15th Mar 2010, 18:08

crickson says:

But aren't there lots of places you can drop this sort of stuff off? It doesn't cost anything does it?

15th Mar 2010, 20:47

hildegard says:

Crickson no, no there aren't; just a lot of publicity about them. People quite reasonably believe the person who sells them their new telly is complying with the WEE & will dispose of the discards correctly because they too have seen the publicity.

What specialist disposal facilities there are are only any use if you have a car. The problem applies to all goods covered by the WEE as well as other items once classed as general waste that are now considered hazardous.

For instance, my local council won't accept fluorescent tubes in general waste. So far, so sensible approach to a designated waste hazard. However, there are no drop-off points in residential areas, nor will the Council collect them as part of their bulky waste rounds. The only option is for people to travel to the very few designated collection points, which are located at municipal landfill sites. These sites may literally, as well as in terms of policy, be out where the buses don't run. In any case, how many people are going to drive several miles to a Council tip for the sole & express purpose of correct disposal of a fluorescent tube?

In consequence, the railway embankments & flytipping sites glister milkily with shattered fluorescent tubes.

(Edit) I'm not defending the dumping of these tellies as to dump so must be the work of a commercial concern, however, it is surprisingly hard for a lot of people to use the facilities available. Even when people try to do the right thing, like buying a tv from someone who offers to dispose correctly of the old one, it doesn't always work out the way they'd hoped.

15th Mar 2010, 21:11