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Parnngurr is located 370 kilometres due east of Newman in Western Australia.

The community is located in the Great Sandy Desert at the southern end of Karlamilyi (Rudall River) National Park.

There are 150 or so permanent residents here, a shop, and one school.

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......splicing into the satellite system using the best of
technologies - courtesy of Telstra and a host of other
consortiums......step outside.......the stars are a site brighter up
this way than down in the big smoke............and I can see
satellites spinning past occasionally.............I've tried repeatedly to send emails however I get a SMTP gateway error with some kind of script that I cant understand......if only I knew a little more about satellite confirgurations for wireless broadband....I've tried phoning out from this place too......not too sure if the messages are getting out.......


engageme says:

Hi Alex looks like its been a hot day out. Amazing watching the pictures come in while in Canberra with Learnscope group! Fantastic journey!

6th Sep 2005, 13:47

mobdeadly says:

Hi Anne

Alex and I have been doing some really good stuff with the school kids today. Will need to talk to all of community about posting community pictures up, featuring the kids. The day has been a pretty mild 35, but will warm up by October


6th Sep 2005, 14:04

mobdeadly says:

Hi Kozika ! Great to here from you. It is indeed a pioneering spirit that I operate within !!!!! ....for the education sector that is. We are involved in some amazing stuff over here at the moment .

Check for a list of all the other cool ways educators are trying to get their heads around how to use this technology.

We are on new grounds here in some of the most remote regions of Australia and we are certainly testing the ability of telcos to deliver their promises and to provide equitable access.

Your a friend in my mobology site. I look forward to your ongoing comments for the community up here. I'll be heading out Thursday if the snakes up here havent taken me away.

PS. the real photos are coming of the kids on the PDA's and phones when we have gained cultural and community approval....a powerful and neccesary part of this project .

We are in Mabu country.

6th Sep 2005, 14:22

engageme says:

Gary and Alex,
Look forward to seeing pictures of kids once approved by elders and community. Your project is so exciting - I am not sure how else there would be such instant connection between Mabu country and Sydney. We should set up a communication moblog for one of our groups and your group so they can see each other and make contact. I am still following up VIBEWIRE for the rest of the links Alex.

7th Sep 2005, 06:21