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new phone!

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Spanky new W800. Review coming soon. Very nice so far. This photo was taken with my S700, obviously. (and, like my S700, this is on unbranded firmware which means: mutable shutter sounds!)
6th Sep 2005, 14:06   | tags:,,

Joe says:

my mate Aran has the orange version...I don't like it :D

6th Sep 2005, 14:07

silent.whisper says:


6th Sep 2005, 14:10

mat says:

I really dig the styling on this handset's case/buttons/etc. The theme it's running isn't the best, but it's OK. I can't stand the K750, visually, this is much more pleasing.

The W800 and the K750 are exactly the same under the hood, I think, except for the beefed-up memory stick and walkman feature of the W series...

6th Sep 2005, 14:10

Joe says:

yep same camera and software, I prefer the k750's lens cover system to the W800's though...I keep meaning to buy a bigger memory card for mine.

6th Sep 2005, 14:12

mat says:

Can you drag/drop mp3s onto the K750?

I have to use stupid stupid Sony Disc2Phone software for it. I suspect it's reencoding them to ATRAC+ during transfer as well, like that disasterous little mp3 thing Sony did last year (I had one, for two days, before returning it)

Not that I'm really bothered, as I've got an iPod for musicing with. But it's annoying.

6th Sep 2005, 14:15

kostika says:

Drop a bigger memory card in and the k750 can be a walkman too really.

I think the only real differance is the marketing. The W series being walkmans and the K series being cameras.

6th Sep 2005, 14:16

Joe says:

to be honest, I've never used the player function on mine, in fact I've never even plugged the headset into it, so I don't know, but I would assume that it won't play un DRMed mp3s seeing as you can't even use them as ringtones.

6th Sep 2005, 14:17

kostika says:

Its easy as pie to DRM stuff. One small application and you're sorted. I'm not sure if the plaer will play non drm stuff though. I haven't checked.

6th Sep 2005, 14:18

mat says:

I'm using unDRMd mp3s as ringtones already.... Never really crossed my mind that might be a problem..

The K750 doesn't quite have the media player integration that the W800 does - it would actually be really easy/effective to use this thing as a walkman..

6th Sep 2005, 14:20

kostika says:

un DRM files on the k750 or the w800? Cause my k750 wouldn't allow me to use unDRM files as ringtones.

6th Sep 2005, 14:30

mat says:

I have unbranded SE firmware... My current ringtone is an mp3 version of the Azan (Muslim call to prayer), which is very much not DRM'd.

Can you mute your shutter sound?

6th Sep 2005, 14:33

Joe says:

yep silent means silent on my k750...but I do have to DRM package my biggy

6th Sep 2005, 14:35

kostika says:

Yea silent is silent on mine too and I have a vodafone branded k750. But I have to DRM my ringtones too.

6th Sep 2005, 14:37

mat says:

Weird. How do you do the DRM thing?

6th Sep 2005, 14:37

Euphro says:

My K750i plays un-DRMed MP3s (I assume you mean ripped ones. I have not tried downloaded ones). It's a great player, even just through the speaker (I've got a 1 gig card in it).

I mute my shutter sound by choosing "meeting". You have to cope with vibration-only for texts and calls, but that suits me fine as the phone is always in my pocket :)

6th Sep 2005, 14:38

kostika says:

There is a small sony dev program that drm's files. you have a branded k750?

6th Sep 2005, 14:40

Euphro says:

Mine is Vodafone-branded, if that is what you mean?

6th Sep 2005, 14:41

Joe says:

theres a DRM packager but SE took it off their website you can get it here


6th Sep 2005, 14:41

kostika says:

Yea that's what I meant Euph...But silent mode doesn't turn off the shutter? Weird. Mine is vodfone but it does. Wonder if there are differant firmware versions.

6th Sep 2005, 14:44

mat says:

Yes, there are. My S700 had pre-release firmware, which meant a mutable shutter, but no image rotation. I never upgraded it, beuase there's no way I'm having a noisy camera..

Just found out this thing won't play mp4s. Which is what I've ripped everything in the past 18 months to. Dammit.

6th Sep 2005, 14:46

kostika says:

I think Euph got his before me. That would explain the differant versions even though they're branded by the same company.

I'll take it off your hands if you don't want it mat :o)

6th Sep 2005, 14:51

Euphro says:

I don't have "silent" as a profile choice, or is that what you are calling "meeting"?

6th Sep 2005, 14:52

Joe says:

I have an S700 going spare, but Geodyne got dibs on it :)

6th Sep 2005, 14:52

daz, at work, says:

My German O2-branded phone will let me use any un-drmed mp3 as a ringtone.. And you can silence the shutter by putting the phone in silent mode.

By the way, the W800 looks exactly like the D750i the boy has...

6th Sep 2005, 14:52

daz, still at work, says:

Euphro: try pressing the # key for three seconds or so -- that should enable the silent mode.

6th Sep 2005, 14:54

seaneeboy says:

My Samsung D500 has mutable shutter with the Orange firmware, so did the T610 - hurrah!

6th Sep 2005, 14:54

kostika says:

Screw profiles. This isn't a nokia we're talking about. :o)

If you press and hold down the # on the keypad, it puts the phone in silent mode.

6th Sep 2005, 14:54

mat says:

Let me think about that. Er. ... No.

You could win yourself one here though.

6th Sep 2005, 14:55

Euphro says:

OK. SElecting meeting automatically seems to have put mine in "silent" mode. Pressing the # key toggles it.

6th Sep 2005, 14:56

mat says:

That took me ages to find - since the t16 it was the 'Clear' key to enable silent mode, now they've moved it!

Sony Ericsson are very mac-like in the way that everything has a shortcut key, but they don't mention them in the manual... (try pressing number keys in camera mode to turn stuff on and off)

6th Sep 2005, 15:00

kostika says:

You're no fun mat :o)

Euph...On default settings that should toggle the silent mode. I never bother with profiles. The only change I make regularly is turning sound on and off.

6th Sep 2005, 15:01

daz, unable to concentrate anymore, says:


6th Sep 2005, 15:08

kostika says:

The silent key is in the manual. I wouldn't have found it otherwise.

Key lock and silent are usually the only two things I specifically look up in the manual when I get a new phone. :o)

6th Sep 2005, 15:10

mat says:

I've had this phone for five hours. The manual is still in the box, I won't read that for a few weeks yet, if at all...

6th Sep 2005, 15:12

kostika says:

You are the reason RTFM is in caps :o)

6th Sep 2005, 15:13

Joe says:

* has epiphany

fuck me, I can turn night mode on without having to scroll through crappy menus! and the light!, and macro! woo!

6th Sep 2005, 15:15

kostika says:

4 for macro 7 for night mode 0 (i think) for light

There have always been shortcut keys for the camera. But I've not found a zoom shortcut on the keypad yet.

6th Sep 2005, 15:17

mat says:

I don't need to RTFM. It's me who says it to people (I used to be IT support at Siemens)

Missing the spot metering on the camera. Disappointed about that.

W800 zooms with the +/- keys on the top edge. The S700 zoomed with the up/down on the joystick.

6th Sep 2005, 15:17

kostika says:

*pokes fun at mat*

6th Sep 2005, 15:18

mat says:

There are shortcut keys for EVERYTHING. The entire menu system is shortcutable with keystrokes. Bloody good bit of UI design, but they never tell anyone about it.

6th Sep 2005, 15:20

Groovicron says:

My uk O2 phone will use any mp3 as my ringtone (I have the theme from UFO currently).

"And you can silence the shutter by putting the phone in silent mode"
So you can! Thanks Daz :)

6th Sep 2005, 16:01

ookiine says:

I need a new phone!!!!! WAAAA! I get $100 off when I get a new one, but have to do it when my 2yr contract is about up... Which will be in March 2006... Almost there, but I want a new phone now...

6th Sep 2005, 22:05

mohammad says:

can somebody please email me the Azan Ringtone for Nokia 6600 on arifcheli-at-yahoo-dot-com.....Thanks in advance.

20th Sep 2005, 19:15

mat says:

Just google for it. All you need is an mp3. Well, I can't say if the Nokia 6600 lets you use mp3s as ringtones, but my phone does.

20th Sep 2005, 19:19

shchong3 says:

well,,, i need another 6 monthes to get my mobile up graded....
curretnly using LG 8310
quiet ok with this

20th Sep 2005, 19:20

irfan(irfani-at-mailcity-dot-com) says:

Can someone send me azan ringtone for Treo 600

29th Nov 2005, 20:47

mat says:

Just google for it. All you need is an mp3. Well, I can't say if the Treo 600 lets you use mp3s as ringtones, but my phone does.

29th Nov 2005, 20:53

Joe says:

deja vu
at least the first one was polite.

29th Nov 2005, 21:03

daz says:

Making scoobies #3? :)

29th Nov 2005, 21:10