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Indian philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti : “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

"The bottom line is that the same supplement used by two different people for the same condition can produce two entirely different results. What does that mean? It means that gulping down "miracle herbs" and "miracle supplements" to treat disease is like trying to hit a clay pigeon in the sky, with a 22-caliber rifle . . . while blindfolded. The odds are very much against you.

The secret to health, the secret to all the success that the great alternative healers share, is that they look to raise every inch of a person's Personal Health Line. If you do that, if you raise the entire line, the odds are in your favor. In fact, it's almost impossible to miss."

Jon Barron...

on using glucotor.
on balancing blood sugar.
Jon Barron is the person to whom I turn to for verification, whenever I read about something new. (This doesn't mean I follow every recommendation he makes, or follow a vegetarian diet which he recommends - just that he writes with such clarity about complicated conditions and presents a scientific approach to the subject of nutritional therapy.

George Bernard Shaw

"It is easy... terribly easy... to shake a man's faith in himself. To take advantage of that, to break a man's spirit, is the devil's work"

Words of wisdom by J.K.Rowling
The single mother's manifesto

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beating the winter blues - January started using the SAD lamp

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24th Mar 2010, 09:38  


Rich says:

Interesting! How's it working out for you?

24th Mar 2010, 10:38

bethmadethis says:

You can't really tell but this thing is distractingly bright.

24th Mar 2010, 12:02

Vivupclose says:

It really is...

I don't think it has a dramatic effect but I think it does help to 'up the positivity'. Helped improve my sleep patterns too.

24th Mar 2010, 12:51

crickson says:

I wonder how you'd conduct a controlled trial of this sort of treatment...

26th Mar 2010, 18:06

Viv says:

I was changing too many things to make too much of a judgment but I did start here and it did seem to help and I instinctively use it 'to make me feel a bit better on the low light dismal days - but since the mornings have been lighter and the days pretty bright on the whole I have only used it occasionally recently. Think you'd need to distribute it widely in Iceland or somewhere to do a controlled trial

27th Mar 2010, 10:16

paintist says:

I think if you have just started using it then you wont see much of a result....but come next oct start using it again and you will see the benifit..

30th Mar 2010, 19:10

Viv says:

If this weather keeps up I hope I might feel the benefit before that! I hate grey days!

30th Mar 2010, 23:48

Viv says:

just reading through this reviewing how I was/felt last year - on this product I think I feel the same

4th Jan 2011, 12:06