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I am married to Spiderbaby and live in Banbury, Oxfordshire after eight years living in the USA and Sweden. I am working and training as a clinical scientist for the NHS in Oxford.

There are now over ten years of photographs on my blog! It all started with a photograph I took on the 1st of May 2004... It's been a wonderful journey, thank you all who have shared it with me, and made this blogging community one I keep coming back to!

Interesting things I read recently:

"Only one in five people born [in the UK] since 1975 believes in God".
Source: Prof David Voas, University of Essex

"For every dollar invested in the Human Genome project, $141 was returned to the US economy". Francis Collins, NIH
Source: New Scientist 27 July 2013.

I am Pavlovs_dog on PSN and would be happy to link up with Playstation-owning mobloggers : )

Too Much Information: The first album I ever bought was the Fraggle Rock soundtrack. Pretty cool, eh? I was only 16 : )

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I've just been magically revolutionized (and I love it)

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Wendle says:

I don't understand the ipad, what's the big whoop?

30th Apr 2010, 20:50

Kostika says:


30th Apr 2010, 20:53

crickson says:

Well, I want something that lets me read research papers without having to print them out. It's a pain to have to scroll up and down on the laptop screen but the iPad is perfect. Additionally, I can't get hold of an iPhone in the US without paying a frankly ridiculous price because I have no credit rating, so I've never had access to all the cool apps. Plus it's fantastic for browsing the internet without having to fire up the laptop. I've been waiting for a device like this for ages.

30th Apr 2010, 21:27

hildegard says:

Make sure your eye prescription is bang up to date & take many screen breaks. That thing's light-emitting screen is nowhere near as easy on your eyes as a Kindle or other book-imitator. Your brain winds up sacrificing comprehension skills & info retention in favour of simply managing your vision, to say nothing of the headaches & crow's feet. ;)

30th Apr 2010, 21:44

crickson says:

Awww - you're sounding like my mum!

30th Apr 2010, 22:43

hildegard says:

As you will in your turn...

30th Apr 2010, 23:09

Sprocket says:

I'm still weighing up the pros and cons of this little beauty. For me it would be great if it had a decent photo management app (something better than iPhoto) and Photoshop "lite" for retouching purposes.

Alas, we have another 10 days until we find out what the UK pricing is going to be, and a full month until we can even test drive a model in the shops :-(

1st May 2010, 04:48

crickson says:

Now I've played around with it for a day I'm very pleased with it. It's a bit heavier than I expected, it really does feel like a solid slab of glass! My biggest problem is that it doesn't seem to charge over USB which will pose problems next month when I come back for a wedding. I don't want to use a mains adapter a fry my new toy!

1st May 2010, 16:13

Kostika says:

Why not a netbook then? To me a netbook is superior to an iPad.

1st May 2010, 16:44

crickson says:

Netbook screens are tiny - I've not seen one that wouldn't be awful for reading a journal. Besides, the iPad connects up to the Papers program on my MacBookPro. It works really well.

2nd May 2010, 02:08

Kostika says:

My hubby has a 10in screen one which seems to work well and he uss it for his writing.

Guess if you're already an Apple user though it has its uses.

2nd May 2010, 04:39

FilbertFox says:

not jealous. no no no

2nd May 2010, 17:19

Anonymous says:

I am jealous, I want one!

9th May 2010, 00:16

Poppet says:

the uk pricing is predictably apple like

14th May 2010, 10:24