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what goes in my ears?
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7th Sep 2005, 19:32  

Hewmedia says:

problemas de contenedor!!! una vez hechos los fideos agrega una cucharada de soya y te quedara inclreible!!

7th Sep 2005, 19:34

beth says:

break it up a bit.. it'll taste the same

7th Sep 2005, 19:38

alexis says:

sí, problemas. mi español no es bastante bueno entender el resto : \\

beth, I just put it in sideways ; )
it WOULD taste different if i broke it up.
just like how my youngest brother claims that different colored M&M;'s taste different. hehe.

7th Sep 2005, 19:42

beth says:

now.. y'see.. in england the orange smarties do taste different.

7th Sep 2005, 19:46

onceupon says:

The M&Ms; DO taste different though! It's... it's not something I talk about very often because then people give me strange looks.


7th Sep 2005, 19:47

alexis says:

I'm going to get all you M&M; weirdos all in a room, blindfolded, and I'll give a 50$ bill to anyone who can tell me each color.
er. when I have a 50$ bill.
and a lot of blindfolds.
and a big room.
okay. maybe not.

7th Sep 2005, 19:50

alexis says:

beth, I actually thought that, for a bit. but then I figured they were like M&M;'s, and I was in fact crazy. good to know I'm not. heh. : D

7th Sep 2005, 19:51

Helen says:

The blue Smarties taste different too.

7th Sep 2005, 19:53

Dhamaka (NLI) says:

don't know about M&Ms;, never tasted them in case I like them. But the organge and the blue smarties taste different...

7th Sep 2005, 19:53

Dhamaka (NLI) says:

oh yes, and Hewmedia has suggested that you might like to try adding soy sauce / soya sauce for a great taste

7th Sep 2005, 19:55

Gael says:

Urban Myth has it that blue Smarties send kids hyper ...

7th Sep 2005, 19:57

alexis says:

thank you Dhamaka!
I am just. ah. grinning. what a cool world it is to live in when someone speaking spanish suggests soy sauce, and then someone else is able to translate it for you.
makes me all fuzzy inside. : )

7th Sep 2005, 19:57

Hewmedia says:

GRACIAS DAMANKA por la traduccion :D

a comer!!!!

7th Sep 2005, 20:01

Dhamaka says:

de nada, pero creo que puedes hablar mas ingles que puedo hablar espanol..

y ahora, que hambre tengo..

for A..
(for nothing but I think you can speak better English than I can Spanish)

and now I'm really hungry

7th Sep 2005, 20:05

Hewmedia says:

it will try, I do not guarantee it results... ; )

7th Sep 2005, 20:24

Dhamaka says:

You're doing fine...

7th Sep 2005, 20:25

It's true about the smarties. The orange ones are supposedly orange chocolate (although it's very subtle), and the blue ones are meant to be blueberry. I can only taste the diffence if I collect about 10 of each, and scoff them at the same time. I feel I'm a little too old to start colour-sorting smarties these days...

7th Sep 2005, 23:12

Dhamaka says:

you're joking rare! It's fun!! I love eating all the orange ones before I share them out, and waiting to see if anyone looses their Britishness enough to tell me they've noticed..

little things please little minds *grins happily, wandering away*

7th Sep 2005, 23:14

davekropf says:

Love the overhead shot!

9th Sep 2005, 01:20

mat says:

Did someone say too old for sorting smarties by colour?

I made this! :)

9th Sep 2005, 02:00

Dhamaka says:

Good to know there's a like-smartie-minded guy out there Mat.

Alexis-moblog's a cool place for facilitating this multi lingual stuff.

missed you both tonight

9th Sep 2005, 03:03

alexis says:

you made that?! * ruffles your hair and compliments your good sorting skills*
er. sorry. time spent working with small humans hiccup.
sorry, no. the fact that you said "
I made this! " with smiley face is too cute for me too handle. *still laughing*

9th Sep 2005, 04:19

alexis says:

Dhamaka, it completely is.
I've been lucky enough to comment exchange/email with three non-native-english speaking people I've met through moblog.
I'd never have been able to talk to these people had images not spoken for us/ caused us to have reason to try and communicate. : )

looks like a good time was had by all. : )

9th Sep 2005, 04:33