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Al Queda in PlayBoy - Rough

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PlayBoy Juli 2005 NetherlandsThis momment of photoblog post on the go, coherently known to many as moblogin, reveals a sudden momment of profane enlightement. It's all about Al Queda drown on the foam surface of a upper right corner on a Dutch Play Boy magazine bought from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Nothing about the holland mushrooms dancing madnallas hovering the ears of magazine editors and their associates. How would a girl think about this cover, for example my soulmate girlfriend? Would she say "Oh, wow, man are really really great species, having such a macho article listed on the cover of this glossy naked girls magazine. Probably the magazine isn't such a boy's childish entertainment source, if it has such a serious dissaster on the scrpt - as the Sept.Eleven discussed inside its paper body.But what the fuck - I thought.
How is it - such empty of ideas or full of delightfull enlightment to put a text about al queda inside a semi-porn erotic magazine. Is it a Dutch's life-style practise to think about anti-capitalism guerillas baptising in Islam with bombs? Or it is actually a talk about their straight anti-homo sexual outlet of religios faiths and powers, aiming in this magazine to the ultimate message of the sixtees - Make Love, Not War. Oh, peace brother, and Yeah I would like to fuck your sister, too.
Why not recall the true dangers of contemporary times, anytimes. And just keep on entertain yourselves Dutch style.
8th Sep 2005, 08:27   | tags: