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Photowalk, June 8, 2010

Inspired by the work of Caine, Fleur du Mal and Lynna from Pharyngula, I've begun taking photowalks. I'm hoping that this hobby will improve my mental and physical health, as well as giving me some cool skills.
9th Jun 2010, 01:56   | tags:,,


Caine says:

Lovely shots, Angel. I especially like the 2nd and 6th ones. The wild rabbit who lives in our backyard graced us with babies this year. The babes have been out eating dandelions.

9th Jun 2010, 19:55

AngelKaida says:

Thank you so much! My family was pretty confused that I was taking pictures of mushrooms :P I bet the babies are absolutely adorable, and look forward to the likely future pics of them (and I'm amused they are eating the dandelions, being braver than I am). I'm rather in awe of how closely you follow the behaviors of the animals living near you, Caine. It's really neat. Professional noticer indeed!

9th Jun 2010, 21:15

Caine says:

Thank you. :) There's not much else to watch where I live. We ended up with a rabbit inhabiting the yard accidentally. Cleaning up after a thunderstorm, we piled up fallen branches which was immediately adopted as a home for a whole lot of little birds, then the bunny moved in. So, we have the "thicket" now.

Mushrooms are good subjects, and often shot - lots of them here on Moblog. Interesting ones pop up now and then here in ND, such as Phallus impudicus - looks just like a penis. It's a popular one to photograph. :D

9th Jun 2010, 22:13

Dhamaka says:

What a lovely series. I particularly like the. 6th one for the colours and composition

10th Jun 2010, 16:35

AngelKaida says:

Thanks very much, Dhamaka! That means a lot coming from someone as talented as you are. I'm also glad to see that you're feeling well.

10th Jun 2010, 22:54

Viv says:

I find 2 very calming.
Watched lots of people on here go from strength to strength with their photography skills and the walking and observation and the sharing are all very beneficial.

11th Jun 2010, 09:52

Dhamaka says:

a pleasure - and so am I
thanks also for the compliment
Viv's right... I learned photography through moblog and now it's no longer just a hobby but an important part of my life and work.. I'm sure we're not the only two looking forward to seeing how your photography develops... and getting to know you through it at the same time :)

11th Jun 2010, 18:06

AngelKaida says:

Ee! I'm hoping that my photography does develop interestingly - I'm afraid I'm just kind of running around taking pictures of things right now, with no method or technique to it. But that's what experimenting and looking at better photographers' stuff is for, right? :) Yay.

12th Jun 2010, 17:48

Dhamaka says:


12th Jun 2010, 22:17

Sprocket says:

good luck with the walking and improving your photographic skills

31st Jul 2010, 12:32