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Hmm. I'm not convinced by this 'new look' yet.
8th Sep 2005, 16:48   | tags:,,,,

Bit bland isnt it?

8th Sep 2005, 16:50

seaneeboy says:

Oooh, many other changes?

8th Sep 2005, 17:00

it says on apple that you can choose a random playlist of songs you want to hear, surely random means Random, rather than the stuff you want, isnt that just Playlist?

8th Sep 2005, 17:03

jaggysnake says:

Not many other changes that I've found so far. The search function has been imporved apparently...

8th Sep 2005, 17:04

onceupon says:

*sigh* iTunes won't connect to the music store for some reason, here at work. This makes me sad!

8th Sep 2005, 17:05

mat says:

Try Bleep for mp3s. Much cheaper than iTunes, and they have better music too. (not to mention no DRM and one of the slickest music shopping experiences on the web)

If the search has been improved, I might actually upgrade my copy of iTunes, which is still on 4.5 or so..

8th Sep 2005, 17:07

how can the Search be that much better than the previous Itunes, i though it was pretty good? pshh to Itunes and their new fangles softwares!!!

8th Sep 2005, 17:08

Helen says:

I might update just so they stop sending me messages.

8th Sep 2005, 17:09

mat says:

Tell you what - they've fixed it so that it works with StickyKeys. That alone makes it worth installing, for me. However:

AARRRRGGHHH!! They've hobbled the search bar!! You can no longer drop it down and select which part of the tag you search on. That utterly blows. How dare they claim to have improved something by taking features OUT of it?

Ooooooh Apple, I'm mad with you.

8th Sep 2005, 17:37

mat says:

OK, ignore that. When you actually type something in the search bar, the options appear. And they are improved.

I'll get my coat.

8th Sep 2005, 17:38

floyd says:

Nice one on using Marx as your theme BTW. To the max.

I also like the new iTunes, it's more representitive of the new Tiger interface.

8th Sep 2005, 18:01

seaneeboy says:

Oooh, will grab it when I get home then...

9th Sep 2005, 13:21

teflon says:

What better place to download it than in the Apple Store, where I'm currently sitting and 'borrowing' their WiFi.

Then again, so are 20-odd other people, who also
aren't paying attention to the iPhoto demo that's currently going on.

9th Sep 2005, 14:27