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I am a model. At the moment I am Marshal Ney from the Airfix Napoleonic Wars gift set..

We really do live in Skaro!

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Watching Dr Who The Finale!

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Dr Who 26/6/10

The season finale, episode 13

*The Big bang*

OMG! The Doctor dancing to Queen!

Sprocket says:

an overall fun episode, and had me teary-eyed in a few places

just wish they hadn't used the old Bill and Ted get out clause to release the Dr from the rubik's cube

27th Jun 2010, 08:41

Twiglet says:

I had to ask BS what the Bill and Ted clause is!!

I'm reeling in shock about last night because there was actually stuff on TV to watch. First Dr Who, then the Murray game and then Jackson Browne at Glasto.

Surely my cup runneth over... : )

27th Jun 2010, 09:06

Rich says:

That was the greatest use of the Bill & Ted clause EVARRR

(Twiglet, the B&T; clause is "Once we've escaped, we'll come back and put the things we need to escape in place!")

This has been the best series since it returned. Long live the Doctor and Mrs and Mr Pond!

27th Jun 2010, 10:09

Twiglet says:

Thanks Rich, thanks Sprocket. BS was mightily impressed by this series too and is threatening to comment later...

27th Jun 2010, 19:32

Undoubtedly this has been the series I have really been waiting for.

The Dr becomes a real person again, not quite the messianic god he was becoming.

We end the series with 2 companions, nicely dispelling all that will they won't they/ do they don't they nonsense.

The new Doctor seems genuinely eccentric and slightly bumbling, as well as showing the ability to be genuinely angry.

This is as if we have been taken back a little to the glory days of Dr Who in the 70's, Moffat seems to know what he is doing, and to love Dr Who in a way that Russel T never quite managed.

So sad it is over, roll on christmas.

27th Jun 2010, 19:52

Kostika says:

Nice to see others agree that this is the best season since the Who return. Moffat is pure awesome and has done what we all really wanted when RTD was only playing at.

Very happy with Matt. I agree that he's managed to make the Doctor a person again.

Love the Moffat and roll on Christmas.

28th Jun 2010, 14:35

Twiglet says:

Thanks BS and Kostika for your DW thoughts. : )

29th Jun 2010, 08:27

Sprocket says:

I was very tempted to buy a fez yesterday, lol

4th Jul 2010, 10:09

Twiglet says:

You should have done so Sprocket... And blogged yourself in it : )

4th Jul 2010, 11:26

Rich says:

I've been tempted to buy a fez too...

Fezes are cool.

4th Jul 2010, 11:28

Twiglet says:

Let's all get fezzes!

4th Jul 2010, 11:30