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I am a model. At the moment I am Marshal Ney from the Airfix Napoleonic Wars gift set..

We really do live in Skaro!

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Creepy Dolly Weirdness

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Walking in the woods on Sunday we saw this hanging from a tree by what appeared to be fishing line. I was completely creeped out...
8th Jul 2010, 13:09   | tags:,,,,

crickson says:

A fairy execution?

8th Jul 2010, 13:14

hildegard says:

Looks like you've had soi-disant pagans in your woods for midsummer. She's probably the Queen of Summer/ Lady of the Woods, the one after the May Queen. Allegedly. At least since about 1930-something when all this contemporary pagan/ druid schtick was invented.

Just be glad they didn't leave a Sheela na gig. ;)

8th Jul 2010, 22:14

Twiglet says:

Thanks both.

You're very probably right hildegard. I don't like dollies and this one was spinning slowly on it's thread and look how creepy it's eyes are in the third shot...

I image googled Sheela na gig. Blimey! I would have been shocked if I hadn't just watched that sex education programme for teenagers on C4. I say again... Blimey! : D

8th Jul 2010, 22:40

hildegard says:

Heh, you didn't know oor lass then? Glad to have brought her to your attention. And they thought Goatse was something new. ;)

Dolly is indeed creepy & I'm not at all convinced she ought to be hanging from an oak as she appears to be - am fairly sure it's not her tree. Intrigued by her accessories - are those berries or blossoms?

You're the third person tonight to mention that sex ed prog & to include the word "blimey". Perhaps I should see what the fuss is about. Having done sex ed for prostitutes (long story) it probably wouldn't shock, but sometimes, I'd really like to get Arkangel to explain what on earth they're up to over there in C4 Towers...

8th Jul 2010, 23:45

crickson says:

Nah, I still think the local fairy-folk have just had themselves a lynching. I mean, look, her skin's green. She's been swinging up there for a while....

9th Jul 2010, 02:30

Twiglet says:

Crickson likes the idea of a lynch mob made up of well respected fictional flying characters.. : )

hildegard: The content wasn't particularly shocking, 21st century take on the same old stuff really, it was just the way it was presented.. The daughter had it on and it certainly provoked some good discussion in this household. She found the sheer amount of nudity very enlightening, particularly the males. Coming from a large family of brothers and having had baby nephews when I was really very young it just didn't occur to me that she had never seen anything other than text book illustrations/cartoons. ( Most of the babies born in to our families lately have been girls.)

Certainly Arkangel must be held accountable for the goings on at C4... : ) Is he the director general do you think?

9th Jul 2010, 12:59

hildegard says:

Not so much held accountable as our only potential mole...

9th Jul 2010, 20:19

Viv says:

glad to see Hildegard is still enlightening us :)

6th Oct 2010, 01:38