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Welcome to the official Girls Aloud moblog. Here you will find some exclusive photos of the Girls on their latest tour - The Tangled Up tour! But that's not all, as we want to see pictures of you there too! We want you to share your experiences of the concerts here, so we can see what you saw, but before all that we want to see your banners!

We have a whole bunch of tickets to give away for the tour and if you fancy getting your hands on a pair all you have to do is send a photo in of your banner. The best will win one of six pairs of tickets to see the Girls in concert! The winners will be notified Wednesday the 14th May, so get your banner made!

How to post:

You can send pictures or videos to this moblog easily using your camera phone or computer. Just MMS or email your images to: girlsaloud @

Also you can post just by calling from your phone, just ring 0151 266 7521 and leave your message for the Girls! Your message will be converted to text and posted here instantly.

Texts cost no more than your standard MMS rates. If you are still unsure, for more help see moblogUK help pages.
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----- "Beep. What was I gonna say? Hi. Which one.

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"Beep. What was I gonna say? Hi. Which one. Hi Shelly, are you alright, it's Bren(?). I just wanted to know if you're alright now or are you. Yeah, I was just. I hate talking, you know, like that. I was just, I just wanted to know if you was alright now. I'm still, still worried about you. Yeah I need to, I need to talk ___ about something anyway. They had this, what was it, on Facebook and she said she was your niece or something, I don't know but probably, I bet it's not even true, I bet she's just saying that to wind me up or something, but I don't know, she might but I don't know. I don't know. Well I need to talk to you anyway about, about it anyway alright. Hope you're alright and you're my and you're my favourite popstar(?) as well, of all time of course. Yeah, this is who you are baby. Alright. Take care. Love you. God I sound so terrible you know."
- spoken through SpinVox

Posted by theweightwisecoach14

13th Jul 2010, 22:35