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You say tomato

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I say tomato.
29th Jul 2010, 05:23  


swamprose says:

yes. personal tomato cultivation is one of the highest forms of joy, especially if you take the salt and pepper out to the garden with you and finish the tomato before you come back in the house. kudos.

29th Jul 2010, 05:51

Wendle says:

Those are big 'uns :)

29th Jul 2010, 07:18

MandyP says:

That's what she said, Wendle. hardy har har. (I can't think of anything else clever. Sorry.:)

I'm super pleased with my tomatoes this year; they're taller than me right now & I just bought some 8 foot stakes. Although, taller than me isn't really all that difficult. This plant came from the Denver Botanic Gardens sale. It's some sort of heirloom that is actually ripe while still greenish. My other heirloom is working on 8 feet tall but still has no tomatoes. :( Some blooms but no tomatoes. wah.

29th Jul 2010, 16:58

Caine says:

Oh, beautiful! They wouldn't have made it inside the house alive if they were mine. :)

29th Jul 2010, 20:25

Tori says:

I love homegrown fresh tomatoes.

Not enough to grow them.

31st Jul 2010, 06:30

midlife says:

I say two Mot toe? Nice capture

6th Aug 2010, 02:07

judy says:

and what about that lovely lemon grass??

9th Aug 2010, 23:46