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No change here then?

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14th Sep 2010, 13:08  


bethmadethis says:

Oh dear, I've not had any problems with it being slow recently, does it just hang?

14th Sep 2010, 14:22

taniwha says:

I've had a few blips but far and few between. It can be slow though.

14th Sep 2010, 14:48

crickson says:

Access times for me have improved markedly over the last couple of months. There was a period this summer when moblog was basically unuseable.

14th Sep 2010, 17:10

Sprocket says:

it's been pretty darn slow for me in recent months, hence my lack of commenting

14th Sep 2010, 21:57

rhys says:

I haven't had too many problems recently.

14th Sep 2010, 21:59

Boet says:

just check it with the link below...

24th Sep 2010, 15:50

JokerXL says:

It's not down, just soooo sloooow sometimes.

24th Sep 2010, 19:34

taniwha says:

It's not slow, it's just giving you time to think ....

24th Sep 2010, 20:15

Caine says:

I've just come back and now have broadband but you wouldn't know that on, at least for several hours. I might as well have been back on dial-up, it was so slow. It's a problem.

5th Oct 2010, 00:34