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sex toys

Figuring out how to plan a bachelorette party isn't always easy. Every bride is different and so is every party subsequently. There are some things that every party needs to have though, and knowing these things will help you during your planning. Here are some tips to help you please the bachelorette and guests at your next party.

Step 1 – Pick a Theme

Your theme is going to be the basis for everything you do with the bachelorette party. It can be as wild or plain as you want it to be, but creative themes often yield the best parties. You should always keep the bride in mind when choosing the theme, but you may want to make it something that you can easily turn naughty if you need to. Most bachelorette parties have underlying sexual themes to them, so keep that in mind during your planning.

Step 2 – Make a Budget

When you're trying to figure out how to plan a bachelorette party, you have to determine how much money you have to spend. This will help you budget your expenses so you know where to cut corners and where you can spend a lot of money. You can always have other people pitch in for the party expenses if you can't spend a lot yourself.

Step 3 – Plan the Entertainment

The next step in learning how to plan a bachelorette party is to find a source of entertainment for your guests. This could be fun games you want to play or a sex toy demonstration. Think outside of the box if you want to, but be sure to reference your theme in anything you plan for.

Step 4 – Get the Snacks
18th Sep 2010, 09:53   | tags: