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i promise i'll explain this in a couple of days. can anyone passing tell me if you're afraid of this or not. no, seriously! thanks all x
12th Sep 2005, 13:50   | tags:,,,,

bronxelf says:


But then again, I'm difficult to frighten.

12th Sep 2005, 13:51

seaneeboy says:

Smashing, thanks!

12th Sep 2005, 13:51

Euphro says:

Again, no, although if I was with you, your expression would make me uneasy because I'd be wondering what was frightening you :)

12th Sep 2005, 13:56

seaneeboy says:

Brilliant, thanks Euphro!

12th Sep 2005, 13:57

Steve says:

Depends, in a pub, no. if I woke up and you were stood over me then yes!

Or if you were stuck to the outside of my window staring in.

12th Sep 2005, 13:59

silversmoke says:

You seem more concerned than anything... As if you're thinking, "I do hope I scare her, I wonder if it's working yet?"

12th Sep 2005, 14:09

seaneeboy says:

You're all remarkably in context for what I'm trying - thank you :)

As I say, I promise to let you all know what this is about soon.

12th Sep 2005, 14:13

JoHeadMonkey says:

I'm not very scared of this - although I can see the aim, there's nothing real behind it to make me run and hide under the covers... but yes, if I woke up to that in my face it would be slightly different!

12th Sep 2005, 15:42

seaneeboy says:

Brill :)

12th Sep 2005, 15:43

Ruthie says:

I'm afraid.... but you always scare me Sean!

12th Sep 2005, 18:25

seaneeboy says:


12th Sep 2005, 18:35

Helen says:

I think I am a little scared, yes.

12th Sep 2005, 18:40

onceupon says:

Afraid would depend on the contex tin which I saw you like that.

It's really the eyes that are a bit odd and unnerving there. I think it's because they are open quite wide -- we don't usually see the whole, oh, retina? I think that's the right part name.

12th Sep 2005, 18:44

Am I the only one whose first thought was "more cheese Gromitt?" ?

I think the 'concerned eyebrows' look detracts from the overal scariness, but you definitely look unnerving...

12th Sep 2005, 22:32

Helen says:

I was thinking more Where the Wild Things Are.

12th Sep 2005, 22:37

Joe says:

nope, not scary at all...just...funny!

12th Sep 2005, 22:38

seaneeboy says:

Smashing, thanks all - should be able to tell ya all later today what's going on :)

13th Sep 2005, 10:45

kostika says:

Nope not scared. Although with a look like that I may be concerned for you.

13th Sep 2005, 10:47

lard says:

No, not afraid, looks more like a tommy cooper impression to me. All that's missing is the fez.

13th Sep 2005, 10:59

not really scary, more manic though! lets just say i would like to meet you in an alley

13th Sep 2005, 11:00

seaneeboy says:

Hehe - you guys make me giggle :)

13th Sep 2005, 11:01

lard says:

I'm a bit worried about why silent.whisper wants to meet you in an alley.

13th Sep 2005, 11:02

Wouldnt....type-o. sorry

13th Sep 2005, 11:14

jc1000000 says:

As scary as Count Duckula.

There's definitely a likeness to Wallace there...

13th Sep 2005, 11:14

Euphro says:

With that sword I'd give silent.whisper a wide berth :D

13th Sep 2005, 11:19

tis a wide sword!

13th Sep 2005, 11:36

seaneeboy says:

Hehe - Thank you everyone, I've posted up a bit of explaination at the top :)

13th Sep 2005, 15:01

Euphro says:

Where? I can't see it :)

13th Sep 2005, 15:03