V10 meets H3

by taniwha

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Surely it's the curse of the modern world that so many people now work at a computer while the compter also provides the biggest distraction from work ever devised ... (Dave Gorman)

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I hope that some will brush off on me too.
2nd Nov 2010, 21:22  

swamprose says:

oh that is good.
'after she retired'..

I like the very special use of capitalization.

3rd Nov 2010, 04:16

taniwha says:

Don't have a clue what she retired from though. Showgirling? Wagging? Waitressing?

I also like the careful positioning of the type of chair used in the famous portrait of her -

But I do like the enthusiasm for it all though.

3rd Nov 2010, 11:10

swamprose says:

It's an art installation! I didn't get the chair until you pointed it out. Is the newspaper on the dash also part of the 'installation'?

3rd Nov 2010, 12:46

taniwha says:

It was a car in the museum of 1950's things in Wales so more of an exhibit. The newspaper was the headline from the Profumo Scandal.

They also had the truck used in the great train robbery.

There's tragedy here too. One of the volunteers at the museum got the hump, took a can of gas and burnt the museum down. They managed to salvage some of it and show it in a kind of shed but it all feels like it has been a difficult recovery from a tragedy.

3rd Nov 2010, 13:51

dookerdoo says:

Weird and wonderful.

10th Nov 2010, 09:27