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Very short stories to read at the bus stop.

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You can't get depressed

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On the train, an older lady with a Mike Leigh voice came and asked if she
could sit with me. She gave me her life history. Her husband had died
last year, a sudden heart attack whilst he was in a dingey. But you
can't get depressed - you have to live. So, since he died she had been
on half a dozen cruises - its what he would have wanted.

She was going up to Blackpool to stay with a man who she'd met on the
last cruise. She was smitten with him and excited like a teenager. She
kept touching my arm as she told me more.

She said she wasn't as fussed as she should be about her 2nd husband
because he'd knocked her about a bit in 1984 and it was ever the same
after that.

She was a strong woman, married at 18 to her first husband who
she stuck with for 27 years before she decided to leave - he was an
alcoholic, when she left he said he'd kill himself if she took the
children so she left them with him.

This new chap though, she said from the moment they first kissed it felt
so right. She liked an older man (he was 82 and she ten years younger) She really was
a gigglebox.

In her bag she had a yellow bucket - she showed me, she said it was a
joke, this bloke had said when she said she was coming up to stay

"Well, you better pack your bucket, mop and apron"

So she'd bought the bucket and a child's mop and little apron
and was going to put her garb on just as she was about to get off the
train and meet him 'You have to follow these things through don't you

As we approached her stop she squeezed my hand and said it had been
lovely to meet me. I said that it had been lovely to meet her too and
I hoped it went well, that I would never know, but in my head I had
decided it went swimmingly. She said he'd given her a choice when she
got off the train - they could either have sex in the station, go for
some dinner or go back home and have sex there instead. I asked her
what she had chosen - she just winked and left the train.

Posted by beth

27th Nov 2010, 19:12  


taniwha says:

Wonderful story.

27th Nov 2010, 22:03

bethmadethis says:

true story :)

27th Nov 2010, 22:43

Dhamaka says:

brilliant story - true or not.
Heartwarming for being true of course..

8th Jan 2011, 19:46

mysteritmo says:

Fantastic! :)

9th Jan 2011, 14:03

Sprocket says:

how wonderful

9th Jan 2011, 23:04

Viv says:

Essence of Andrea in 9 years time :)

11th Jan 2011, 03:03