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Join us in the countdown to Christmas. Sorry no chocolate!
But we can give you a new post each day, from 25 different 'mobloggers', who will give us their perspective on the season.

Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a splendid New Year.

May 2015 be a good year for our small community and the wider world!

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The Moomin family was hibernating in the drawing-room as they were wont to do. They had been sleeping for a few months already and were going to keep it up until spring. A sweet sleep had rocked them through what felt like a single long summer afternoon. Now all at once a cold draught disturbed Moomintroll's dreams. And someone was pulling at his quilt and shouting that he was tired and Christmas was coming.

'Is it spring already?' Moomintroll mumbled.

'Spring?' the hemulen said nervously. 'I'm talking about Christmas, don't you know, Christmas. And I've made absolutely no arrangements yet myself and here they send me off to dig you out. I believe I've lost my mittens. Everybody's running about like mad and nothing's ready...'

The hemulen clumped upstairs again and went out through the hatch.

'Mamma, wake up,' Moomintroll said anxiously. 'Something's on. They call it Christmas.'

From 'Tales from Moominvalley: The Fir Tree' by Tove Jansson (1962)

Posted by Spiderbaby

7th Dec 2010, 09:52  

taniwha says:

What a gorgeous glow!

7th Dec 2010, 10:27

Viv says:

So you - it really made me smile. Top one is magic.

7th Dec 2010, 11:52

Earthlad says:


7th Dec 2010, 12:45

mysteritmo says:

Wow. First one is amazing. Looks like a painting. Brilliant! Merry Christmas.

7th Dec 2010, 17:04

nige says:

I feel so warm :)

7th Dec 2010, 17:10

Jane Doe says:

Heart the Moomins.
Have a great time in the frozen north

7th Dec 2010, 18:07

Dania says:

Lovely. :)

7th Dec 2010, 21:29

Twiglet says:

Wonderful images and words : )

8th Dec 2010, 09:06

Dhamaka says:

lovely warmth to your images and words :)

8th Dec 2010, 19:30

Spiderbaby says:

Thanks everyone. Glad you like them. You can't really go wrong with Moomins :) Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and don't get too stressed out like the hemulen.

9th Dec 2010, 14:30

crickson says:

These came out great : )

11th Dec 2010, 10:45

jc1000000 says:

Top photo is amazing! And i love moomins! Trying to collect all the mugs - but they're dang expensive!

12th Dec 2010, 07:14

Nic says:

Great shots. Good ol' Moomins. Merry Christmas.

12th Dec 2010, 16:40

MaggieD says:

Love that top shot, Lewisham Market just not compare ;)

12th Dec 2010, 19:11