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Green & Frost

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28th Dec 2010, 17:35  


Cris2I says:


28th Dec 2010, 22:11

shitake says:

Absolutely. But poor plants ..

28th Dec 2010, 22:39

Dania says:

Thank you both. :)

Yeah, shitake, poor plants... Most of them are still green though, so the damage wasn't that bad for the weeds. But the frost did burn some of my ferns... :(

28th Dec 2010, 23:00

shitake says:


28th Dec 2010, 23:28

Dania says:

I hope they're not too damaged and can still recover. Maybe I'll upload some photos of them, eventually.

28th Dec 2010, 23:37

shitake says:

I hope too. Love ferns.

29th Dec 2010, 00:22

Viv says:

ferns are pretty hardy!

lovely set

29th Dec 2010, 01:29

Dania says:

Thanks, Viv. They are, and most of them weren't too damaged after all. The bird's nest fern was the worse... I knew it was more fragile than the others but it wasn't too exposed, so it was still a bit of a surprise.

30th Dec 2010, 22:36

taniwha says:

Love the sense of crystalised dew drops here.

10th Jan 2011, 15:57