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No, not spring yet...

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...just a break from winter, I guess. :)
25th Jan 2011, 23:12  


Viv says:

are you sure you have winter?!!!!!

26th Jan 2011, 01:24

Dania says:

We do. It's mild (and it's getting milder by the year, unfortunately... some years it just doesn't rain enough and then we get droughts. Stupid GW.), but we do.

I was surprised by the red admiral, though.

[Edit: Well, maybe "milder" isn't the best word. For example, we've been getting more intense winter storms of all kinds and frequent snow where we didn't use to. But it's for a short period of time, and we get sunny and dry weeks in winter like this one more often.]

26th Jan 2011, 11:10

Viv says:

though we have had winter red admirals in the bedroom when we've heated it up :)

26th Jan 2011, 14:43

Spiderbaby says:

Wow! Nature is certainly taking full advantage of this winter break.

27th Jan 2011, 12:25

MrFire says:

Hi, Dania! I really like your pictures. Especially the bees. I love bees. One of my favorite critters after ducks (think about a certain guy who loves his squid; that's what ducks are to me)

P.S. Always wanted to ask you, what are you holding in your profile picture?

28th Jan 2011, 02:23

Dania says:

Indeed, Spiderbaby.

Hi, MrFire! Thanks for stopping by! Ducks? I've got some photos of ducks I've been meaning to upload, I'll let you know when I do.

Oh, and I was collecting pinecones in my profile picture. For the fireplace. :)

Taniwha: Yeah, those bumblebees look fluffier than usual, don't they?

28th Jan 2011, 12:09

mysteritmo says:

Lovely series. Just wonderful :)

29th Jan 2011, 21:54

Dania says:

Thank you, mysteritmo. :)

31st Jan 2011, 22:44

Earthlad says:

great set, I thought it was à little early when i saw this http://www.moblog.net/view/947147/too-early dont think -it was alive, too scared to touch

1st Feb 2011, 01:30

Dania says:

Thanks, Earthland. Yeah, it seems a little early to me too but now I'm seeing those all over the place!

3rd Feb 2011, 22:10

AngelKaida says:

That second bee looks tempting to pet! Cruel trick, all that fuzz hiding that stinger.

5th Feb 2011, 00:12