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It's always the little things that hold me back.
Things like not being able to find the blue-tack;
rushing to get to the door, and not being able to find a shoe;
getting so caught up in my emotions that I can no longer see the wood from the trees.
I can't do everything, that's true, but it's no excuse to stop trying.

Moblog is very slow. Wordpress is amazing.

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2nd Feb 2011, 21:12   | tags:


Twiglet says:

What a gorgeous puss : )

2nd Feb 2011, 22:09

maddyisanowl says:

She is indeedie.
A bit annoying at times though, and very clingy! Follows me around the house, and sleeps on my back at night. This photo was taken in the summer when we got her from the CPL, so she was quite shy then, but now she's settled in, you can't shut her up! Haha.

2nd Feb 2011, 22:15

Twiglet says:

Our own Fable is a very talky puss, she also makes some fantastic chirrups and trills. We adore her <3

2nd Feb 2011, 22:17

maddyisanowl says:

I love mine too, but still doesn't change the fact that she's clingy =P
Speak of the devil, she's just jumped on me now.
What breed is yours? =]

2nd Feb 2011, 22:20

Twiglet says:

She's a monochrome moggy!!


2nd Feb 2011, 22:23

maddyisanowl says:

Awww. She's beautiful. Cute little pink nose =3
I love black and white kitties! My last one used to be too.

2nd Feb 2011, 22:27