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Name: Joe Oldak
Place: Cambridge, UK

What have I been listening to this week?

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Ben's Spider

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This is a spider that Ben found in his bedroom. Needless to say he
removed it before going to sleep!

Aside: Is there a children's book called Ben's Spider? About a boy
"Ben" who had only one arm, and a spider "Ben's Spider" which had
only seven legs, but still wove a perfect web. I could be imagining
14th Sep 2005, 14:16   | tags:

Thats fu*king huge, get it away (*runs and hides in a box)

14th Sep 2005, 14:21

seaneeboy says:



14th Sep 2005, 14:21

(*shudders uncontrolably)

14th Sep 2005, 14:22

kostika says:

Fantastic!! I love spiders.

14th Sep 2005, 14:26

how kos... hoooowww?? theyre evil things

14th Sep 2005, 14:29

kostika says:

I have spiders in my house. I have NO other bugs or creepy crawlies in my house.

Besides spiders look kool.

14th Sep 2005, 14:31

Bah!!! evil things

14th Sep 2005, 14:31

Sionnach says:

That's big indeed

14th Sep 2005, 14:34

archer says:

Not only is it big but I think it's also trying to steal one of Ben's CDs.

14th Sep 2005, 14:40

Euphro says:

Ah! I thought that was the plug-hole in the bath :) Like Kostika, I love spiders.

14th Sep 2005, 15:40

kostika says:

YaY!! Another spider lover.

Euph have you seen my big spider?

14th Sep 2005, 15:44

joie says:

It's a proper genuine full-size CD.

I don't object to spiders in principle. I just wish they weren't so freaky :)

14th Sep 2005, 15:45

Euphro says:

Wow Kostika! That's a gorgeous pic of a lovely spider. I don't think I've seen hunting ones that big in Ely :)

14th Sep 2005, 15:48

joie says:

kostika: That's one mean looking spider! I'm not sure I'd be entirely comfortable with that wandering round the room...

14th Sep 2005, 15:48

Euphro says:

I love the way hunting spiders, even the really small ones, will turn and watch you.

14th Sep 2005, 15:49

i dont love it...... theyre planning too.. thats the monkeys, the merecats the penguins and NOW the spiders!!!!! im getting scared

14th Sep 2005, 15:53

kostika says:

I've seen bigger. We get huge wolf spiders. We seem to mostly have hunting spiders out our way. I've rarely seen other kinds. I think they hide.

14th Sep 2005, 15:57

i think the spider now know Not to come in my house!! theres a cross bow and airgun waiting and im a damn good aim, even for a moving target!!

14th Sep 2005, 15:58

kostika says:

The hunting spiders will get you when you sleep.

14th Sep 2005, 15:59

seaneeboy says:

Kos - why would you say that? Why? WHY?

I'm going to have to glue my eyes open now.

14th Sep 2005, 15:59

SHUUUSHH!!!!! (*presses fingers firmly on lips) no they wont,. NO THEY WONT, i sleep with one eye open!!

14th Sep 2005, 15:59


14th Sep 2005, 16:00

kostika says:

Sean...cause it makes me giggle to see grown men bigger than me afraid of spiders.

14th Sep 2005, 16:01

well thats just mean!

14th Sep 2005, 16:01

kostika says:

But I'm still laughing :o)

14th Sep 2005, 16:03

Euphro says:

It's quite tickly when they walk across your face, and they feel surprisingly cool :)

14th Sep 2005, 16:10

NO no NO no NOOOOO!!!

14th Sep 2005, 16:11

kostika says:

Never had one walk across my face, but have had them walk across my arm

14th Sep 2005, 16:16

Euphro says:

I'd love to handle a tarantula, but so far, I haven't had the chance :)

14th Sep 2005, 16:17

your a stronger man then me euph!!! i profer snakes myself

14th Sep 2005, 16:18

kostika says:

I hadnled one when I was a kid Euph. They're really furry and soft. It was kinda freaky yet totally kool at the time. (I was about 8)

Spike snakes are good too :o)

14th Sep 2005, 16:19

i dont know oif i could handle a tarantula, i may try.. im getting a gecko lizard next week. im going to call it spike colin rufius legardored snarf fargher, just to be a bit different!

14th Sep 2005, 16:21

Euphro says:

I've always wondered if the fur on a tarantula was hard or soft. Thanks Kos (snakes good too) :)

14th Sep 2005, 16:22

kostika says:

The fur on its legs was soft. I was holding really still and was a little scared at the time even though this one was a friend's pet. So I didn't have the nerve to try to pet the body.

14th Sep 2005, 16:23

wowza. That spider's huuuuge! Cool.

I've handled a tarantula a few times. Spiders are great. Now cockroaches on the other hand...

Just to instill more fear, my dad actually woke up from a spider bite before. He had inadvertantly trapped it's leg in his mouth while sleeping, and it bit into his lip (the skin was thin enough to penetrate and leave a pretty impressive bite mark).

21st Sep 2005, 22:43

Waps (what's my password again? Ahem..) says:

Spiders are great...keeps the other, less savoury beasties at bay.

Cockroaches. Not great. Definitely not great. In fact, possitively hateable.

Praying Mantis: My personal faves. Like the hunting spiders as mentioned above, they spot you from quite a distance, and watch you eagerly with their beedy little eyes (on their cute little triangular heads...ahh). It's great that they take such a keen interest in my well being, and I'm sure they're not really just sizing up lunch...

26th Sep 2005, 06:55

Anne [mum] says:

Yes joe we still have the book somewhere at home!

29th Sep 2005, 22:41


25th Jan 2006, 11:39

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