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Hello World from the lab!

Part spider - part lab monkey, will do science for cash, strawberries, or for a place to be that's out of the rain (but preferably for cash).

The rest of what I get up to goes into the Tunnel of Goats :)

Urgent Science Stuff:

Please help reform English libel law
Current UK libel laws are very bad for science and free speech.

Cool science stuff:

RCSB Protein data bank: Molecule of the Month in alphabetical order

The PCR Song It's the little things that keep you going...

NCBI's Entrez Gene My favourite starting point for finding out what is known about any gene of interest.

NCBI's PubMed Where to go to find pretty much all research published in the last 30 years or so (may go back a lot further now). All newly published research is quickly added to the site.

The Genetic Code - table of the DNA/RNA triplet codes for amino acids. This is how DNA codes for protein.

Another PCR song Disco frenzy :)

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Not the larch but the aspen :)
My first day doing horticulture has been spent mostly planting up aspen roots in an attempt to propagate more trees. It makes a nice change from my usual more human-biased molecular biology. It's going to be interesting being a part-time plant7/part-time animal person, for me at least.
14th Jul 2011, 22:45  


Viv says:

glad you have work to interest you and bring you money :)

15th Jul 2011, 01:29

Spidermonkey says:

Oh there's always work for interest, but the being paid bit, that's the difficult bit to find especially these days when everyone is cutting back on funding. Also I am now "too experienced" (my PhD is too old) to even apply for most advertised positions here, they have very strict age limits so they can only easily employ shiny new people. I try not to find it depressing but it is really. Still, the aspen work is good and it's fun to be able to try different things. I'm still doing the MS projects too and will be applying for finding to do more of that, just have to keep fingers crossed there. One day, if I'm lucky, I might find a proper job.

15th Jul 2011, 07:46