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I tried to get a flight shot, I really tried. That was my goal when I left home today to spend an hour among the flycatchers. But no luck this time.

Still, it was totally worth it. Not just for the beautiful European Pied Flycatcher in the middle shot posing for me, but also for the cute Spotted Flycatcher with that messy clump of feathers in the right wing (no idea how that may have happened). I love these guys.


Caine says:

Flight shots are difficult, they take hours and hours and tons of patience! Still, I'd say your time was more than well spent, these are incredibly beautiful shots!

I love those messy feathers.

18th Sep 2011, 04:41

Twiglet says:

Gorgeous! Faved : )

19th Sep 2011, 20:12

Anonymous says:

it really is gorgeous

20th Sep 2011, 13:46

swamprose says:

great series. Flight is so hard.

23rd Sep 2011, 16:08

Dania says:

Thank you, Caine! My time would have been well spent anyway. Even just watching and listening to them for a while is more than worth it, it's very relaxing. But of course I'm very pleased with these!

Thanks, Twiglet.

Thanks, Anon.

Thank you, swamprose. It is!

23rd Sep 2011, 23:00

MaggieD says:

Lovely set of pics

28th Sep 2011, 18:59

Viv says:

such a cute chap

28th Sep 2011, 21:33

Anonymous says:

Lovely shots - you were lucky to catch them as you did. Well done!

29th Oct 2011, 20:52

Dania says:

Thank you, Maggie, Viv and Anon!

11th Nov 2011, 22:24