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this is a journey into sound and colour streetart, graffiti, yarnbomb, stickers, stencils, bristol


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99% of this blog is streetart thats been stumble upon, but ive just received a wonderful pasteup from ella and pitr,

Links coming

The vid
27th Nov 2011, 13:48   | tags:,,,

taniwha says:

Man, the door and person in this is cool ... and a little mind bending.

27th Nov 2011, 14:19

Earthlad says:

yea taniwha I kno, even to the hand opening the door, brilliant

27th Nov 2011, 14:24

Viv says:


27th Nov 2011, 14:56

taniwha says:

Is this a 'stick up' - an adhesive work of art? So the artist saw the space, went away and drew it, printed and stuck it on?

27th Nov 2011, 16:16

Earthlad says:

yea taniwha thats why I like them so much, have a look at these, the top image especially, Women patients, thats the womens breast screening centre in bristol,

27th Nov 2011, 16:25

Earthlad says:

perfectly positioned streetart, ive more that has been sent to me but havent shared because they didnt include the artist or photographer credits, but im willing to share as long as people understand this. as I dont want to break any rules

27th Nov 2011, 16:33

Dania says:

Oh, this is brilliant.

27th Nov 2011, 21:09

Dhamaka says:

it really is brilliant - and very ethical of you too :)

29th Nov 2011, 18:26

Earthlad says:

thank Dhamaka it kind of hurts when someone takes your pics.

they didnt even ask

well it looks like mine

29th Nov 2011, 20:16

Earthlad says:

I see what they've done, I was asked to add some pics from someone on flickr to their flickr group, no problem there, it doesn't say they have ownership of my pics if I post ( Other wise I wouldn't have joined ) but on their website you can add pics and it does have rules, like, saying who owns the pics etc. except they didnt even do that. I didnt give them permission and have asked them to remove them because im pissed of with their underhanded way they've done this.

my flickr account says everything is copyright

30th Nov 2011, 00:43

swamprose says:

my condolences, earthlad. I have had a few photos leave me, in ways I have no control over. My Occupy photo is now being linked by sites like Tumblr, sites where ppl collect images they like. Originally it is linked to my photo, but as it moves out over the web, the link is only back to the last poster. First time, I got upset. I talked to ppl who know more about things than I do. Basically, anything you post on the web is gone. You have no more control. I looked at legal, as my photos are cpywghted. Linking is not illegal and they can pretty much use it as they want. Part of being on the net. I accept it now, any photo I want to keep, stays off the net, or available only to family and friends. It sucks, esp when artists are not credited. I rlly hate tumblr, collection of image sites, blogs that depend on other's images. xx end of rant

30th Nov 2011, 13:25

Earthlad says:

part of the fun of the social web is that I can kick up a fuss in public and someone has to respond, I think someone chose the images to go with each story, I respect that. As of now they have agreed to credit me with the pics, agreed to add a disclaimer on their flickr account making their intention clear. im happy with that. and yea the tent with cows on it was originally posted with the title. " I dont see no tent officer" ive seen it on other sites translated and it still makes me lol and glad others got the joke when things happening in occupy were getting scary, it took on a life of its own and is now owned by the internets.

30th Nov 2011, 14:00

Dhamaka says:

I was really sorry to hear that Earthlad - and to hear how you've been stung swamprose - and then happy to see the resolution Earthlad. Now that photos are a major part of my living it hurts me doubly when that's done to me.... would you believe some people have even tried to photoshop out my copyright watermark!

1st Dec 2011, 23:37