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Moblog is about sharing, communicating, playing with new gadgets, and above all having fun!
We love this site so much, we decided to give up some time everyday to help manage it.

Welcome to moblog news. Your community-powered site support hub.

This is one of three moderator-only moblogs, set up by the moderators for all mobloggers.

We are going to use this blog to publish all appointments, decisions and policy changes made between the moderation and site admin teams behind the scenes.

Follow this group to get updates on how the site is developing and to get an insight into what goes on to keeping the good-ship Moblog sailing!

Meet the people powering moblog at meet the mods

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If there is an event, appeal, point of contention or call to action which you feel is strongly relevant to the Moblog community and you would like it posted here please contact Viv or nige or any of the moderators, to broadcast your message via moblog news.

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In time for Christmas... moblog's new server is up and running. Very fast!

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Moblog has a new server. We've upgraded both our hardware and our software. More up to date versions of everything should mean a much faster and more stable site. Some things may be a little wobbly for the next couple of days, but we're working hard to make sure it's all OK. If you spot any issues, please let someone know here or via the contact page.

If you have a custom domain, you'll need to update your records. The new IP address is

For the technically inclined, the specs are - Quad Core Intel Xeon 2.53Ghz CPU, 8GB RAM, 4 x 500GB disks in a RAID array. Debian Linux operating system.

Thanks Mat

Image provided by Nige

Thanks Nige
13th Dec 2011, 13:44  

Twiglet says:


13th Dec 2011, 13:47

Wendle says:

Huzzaz! Yay! Woohoo! Joy! An excellent xmas present to us all!

13th Dec 2011, 14:39

Earthlad says:

Whoop! Kwl pic

13th Dec 2011, 14:57

Earthlad says:

Oops its says "moderator only" blog. soz

13th Dec 2011, 15:00

mat says:

There may be some glitches and weird-outs that I haven't spotted. Please do mention anything that seems wrong. Email posting seems a little flaky right now, but that might be down to the DNS update still propagating - that should fix itself in no more than 48 hours.

ALL [anything] domains are currently wrong and I'm chasing the domain hosts to fix that asap.

One other thing you might spot is that new posts and new comments and so on might not make it to the latest page immediately - this is due to our shiny new caching system, so give it a few minutes and it should update. It's a known issue and it is deliberate. A few minutes between cache updates hugely reduces the load on the system.

13th Dec 2011, 15:06

Viv says:

Thanks Mat I know that this hasn't been an easy task but so worth it.

And earthlad comments welcome. The idea was to have a place to communicate.

13th Dec 2011, 15:17

swamprose says:

you're kidding. really? for real? have to try it out. like a new car..

I ran around moblog like a speedqueen. She's got a lot under the hood now, looking forward to a new chapter.

13th Dec 2011, 16:32

EJ says:

It's feeling very zippy from here : )

13th Dec 2011, 19:53

Earthlad says:

Hi peeps im confused about how google and other search engine saves and finds links and sites, any tips on getting my moblog to appear in google? for instance if I sent @mail with pics and story and all the code for tags and location is that better than posting a pic and then adding tags and location, and adding more pics, n links, please

13th Dec 2011, 21:30

Earthlad says:

Ps, can people allow comments from non blogers yet?

13th Dec 2011, 21:32

Viv says:

afraid I've no idea - but sure lots do

as for the non bloggers access we don't seem to have much of a problem now - just be grateful if you remove any spam arriving on your blog

13th Dec 2011, 23:34

Earthlad says:

Thanks viv so you guys n gals took on IRobot and won, kwl and yea all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes is much appreciated

14th Dec 2011, 10:25


15th Dec 2011, 13:06

Wendle says:

Anyone else having problems with the map? (And the forum, which is why i'm posting this here...)

I type "Nottingham, UK" and it asks me to choose between "Nottingham, UK" and "Nottingham, Highland KW3, UK". I click the first option... and nothing happens. So my photos aren't making it to my map :(

15th Dec 2011, 14:36

Wendle says:

Urgh, forget it. Moblog's "quirks", honestly. I just typed NG1 and it was fine.

15th Dec 2011, 14:37

crickson says:

The site feels really fast and responsive. A fantastic improvement. Thank you for all the hard work!

15th Dec 2011, 14:39

moblogmods says:

Wendle - the forum has been temporarily disbandoned partially due to heavy spam

I should think it is on the to do list - but meanwhile here is fine.

16th Dec 2011, 07:00

Essitam says:

Brilliant! I've been lurking but not posting. :)

16th Dec 2011, 09:36

Earthlad says:

Ok ive just changed my comment settings to public, because I would like it open, ill keep a very close eye on comments and change it back if necessary

17th Dec 2011, 18:54

Earthlad says:

To answer my own question - how to get your blogs noticed, is a short and interesting blog, the naming of the original pic seems to be most important, just thought id share.

24th Feb 2012, 12:01

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